Java Moss Worth Saving?

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2 years
Don't want to hijack thread, but don't want to not reply. sorry OP.
Safe phosphates are dependent on the balance of your tank. Dosing seachem per bottle instructions should be ideal, some slight tweaking may be necessary after.
Also, thrive is an all in one by nilocg, green leaf aquariums has one called easy green. Both of these are better then flourish and it's counterparts due to the higher NPK along with the trace.
Dosing ferts of any kind won't specifically get rid of algae, but it will stop any mew algae growth. The key is to get your tank balanced between bioload, plant quantity, plant needs, ferts, lighting, co2, etc. Once everything is in balance the plants will properly outcompete the algae.
Hydrogen peroxide can eliminate a lot of types of algae currently present, but if the tank isn't balanced it will come back.
Hope this helps
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Ended up taking everything out and scrubbed it with a soft toothbrush and H2O2 solution. Threw away a lot of loose brown/algae infested moss and the tank looks much nicer. Ever since I cleaned the brown algae out and upgraded the lighting, it looks better and there is a fine coating of green algae on the glass that the shrimp should love.
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