java moss question?

  1. fbn

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    Hello, I was wondering if there is any special way to pull it off? I just bought some today. I put it in my 29 gallon tank, but I want to put some in my fire belly newt tank. So, do I just pull a couple strands off or what? And do these plants have roots? I know you have to put them on something, like driftwood or a rock. I put mine on decor. Thanks!
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    Hello Fbn. You don't have to do anything to your java moss actually other than give it fresh water via water changes and a healthy tank, low lights. Java Moss just grows :) no roots. I haven't attached mine to anything, I stuffed some of it in a terracotta pot so it looks like it's growing out of the pot. It's not tied down and sometimes it gets away :) floating in the tank. You can just pull it apart. It always looks nice attached to driftwood :)
    Have fun!
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    It has no roots. It's a floating plant - sinking plant might be a better way to put it actually. If you don't tie it to something it will just rest on the bottom. You can just pull some apart for your other tank. There is no special place to separate it or anything.
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    Thank you!! Perfectly clear definitions! Oh, and what is a terracotta pot? I have heard you mention it before.
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    Oh, thanks for the link! I have some of those in my tanks!