Java Moss For Carpet


Hi. I'm looking to tie some java moss to some flat slate in order to make a bit of a carpet. The moss will spread, I'm wonder how tall it will grow. If placed along the substrate and left would it continue to grow up towards the light or will it stop at a certain hight.

I have just done some research and have read Christmas moss will grow to around 10cm high at the most and will continue to spread sideways.

Will java moss do the same or continue to grow up towards the light eventually filling the whole tank.

Thank you.


Java moss is very slow growing usually, so it probably isn't the best plant to create a carpet with


Kinda depends on your light/co2 situation for most of the variables. I haven't heard of using moss to carpet along the bottom; but mine grows upwards with a low light setup. I don't why it wouldn't work though java moss is easy.


I've never heard of using Java Moss to carpet the bottom of a tank either. Mine kind of grows upward and sideways. I think mine multiplies pretty fast too. I have some resting on a rock in one corner of one of my shrimp tanks while in another tank of mine I have a big Root Wood Tree full of Java Moss. Love the stuff.


If you look on Google there are many instances of people using moss to cover the bottom of their tank. I'm not looking to cover the whole bottom, just thinking maybe in time it will spread across the bottom to some extent. I think for what I am looking at it needs to be trimmed so it will grow a certain way.


Oh yes, the way you worded it above now I have seen moss on top of substrate in patches but not a full carpet of it like you had originally mentioned. I've never seen it reach to the water surface if that's what you are worried about. I say do what you're thinking about and see how it goes. You can probably "train" it with your trimming as you had mentioned too. Sounds like a fun project.


Training it would be the way to go, java grows into 'balls' and doesn't like to behave. IMO you would probably have better experience with xmas or weeping moss.


Sorry if I confused you. Yes I will give it ago. After a year and a half of plastic plants I am just starting out with live plants and looking for fairly easy plants to get a feel for it and grow some experience and gain confidence with live plants. I have 3 anubias which are thriving so the moss should do fine.

Thanks for your input.


Welcome to Live Plants. They can look beautiful in a planted aquarium. You picked out a beginner winner of purchasing some Anubias.


The anubias are lovely. The deep green leaves look really nice and the roots are interesting also they way the dangle down and intwine.


I superglued some java moss to some driftwood about 4 months ago. It was a line about 6" long, maybe 1/2" wide. It's grown in pretty much like a bushy mass - definitely ball-like as aussieJJDude said. To give you an idea, here's what it looks like from the front, with my hand for a sort of skewed scale. The moss is about 6" tall.


Here's the same chunk of moss from the side - it's about 8" from left to right.


The driftwood is about 8" from the light, otherwise it would have grown a lot slower. If I trimmed it regularly I could see being able to get a carpet look out of it but, again, it'd grow a lot slower on the bottom of the tank.

If you want to have one specific section with heavy moss your best bet would be to get some stainless steel mesh, cut to the size you want, and then glue or tie some moss to it. I have a few moss ledges in my tank with various kinds of moss. They look a bit spotty when you look at them directly from above, but you start to get the idea when you look at them from the side. These ledges have been in the tank for almost two months now.




Wow I could imagine if you left it to do it own thing it would take over the whole tank eventually. It seems for what I'm looking to do I'd have to trim it to shape.


It's not a carpeting plant so you'll have to manually move it and tie/attach it down with something

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