Java moss care?

Donald Li

I don't have a tank hood for now and I don't have co2 is it possible that I can have moss in the tank. I also want to keep some in a hang on fry keeper box. Is this all possible or I need a lid.or co2.Any help is apperciated.


You don't need a lid or Co2 !


Java moss is one of the easiest things to grow in my experience. I know people who simply put it in a bucket of water and put it outside and it grows like crazy.
It grows faster with good lights but I don't think you need CO2 and I'm almost certain there is no need for a lid with growing it or most plants for that matter.

You should definitely be able to put some in your tank and in a fry box it may not grow quickly (depending on your lights) but it will grow and shouldn't die.


Nothing to it. If you stuck it in a jar on a windowsill it would grow.

Would it grow faster with co2, fertilizers, and strong lighting?
You bet, but it'll still grow without 'em.


How to properly care for java moss

Step 1: place in water

You have have completed your free java moss tutorial enjoy your new plant!


I have willow moss and java moss and oh my the java moss is growing way faster then the willow moss.
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Donald Li

Thank you my cousin is giving me a whole load to fill up my tank. He was lights co2 and everything. The whole tank is like covered with moss tied to wood. Cant wait to start.
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