Java Moss care sheet

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    photo credit: BlueMist

    common name - java moss

    proper name - formerly thought to be Vesicularia dubyana but now it possibly is Taxiphyllum barbieri

    origin - South east asia

    care level - it is an easy beginner plant

    lighting - it does well in low to high lighting setups

    substrate preference - this plant is floating so it doesnt have any type of difference in growth with different substrates

    temperature range - grows best at 75-80 but can survive in temperatures of 60-85

    category - floating

    growth rate - fast

    position - can be placed any where in the tank, it can be a wall, carpet, etc.

    max size - it depends on how you plant it

    PH - it is adaptable to most PH ranges, so should theoretically be fine in most setups

    notes - this is a very beautiful, hardy, fast growing, and very rewarding aquarium plant that will be the best addition to almost any home aquarium setup. due to its low care requirements it will grow green in the worst of conditions. this plant has many advantages including it being one of this plants that will help with ammonia issues, there have been studies with java moss, and it took 2 weeks for a small female betta to produce .25 ppm ammonia in a 1 liter tank. from my own experience my fish love to swim through the tangled up moss, this plant has helped my fry survive to adulthood as they retreated in it as soon as the bigger fish came by.

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  2. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Welcome to fishLore :)

    I have found when Java Moss is left to float in the tank it tends to tangle in the filter or attach to everything in the tank. It is easier to control when attached to wood, rocks or other objects. Just my thoughts.

    Any of this information need to be credited to other sources than yourself?
  3. fishy friend2Valued MemberMember

    i made it quite some time ago, and just did some slight changes, today. so i really dont remember were i got all of the info from. it is from experience and TONS of research though, and carol. i will add you thoughts in the care sheet, okay.
  4. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Thanks :)

    Just checking on the credits :) We try to be sure and credit any other sources than our own experience.

    Sounds like a good profile. thanks for adding my notes.

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