Java Fern Leaves Turning Brown


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Hi, I'm new to the hobby and just recently set up a 10g tank with only one male betta who has been there since the 2nd of this month (after it was cycled). I've had all the plants in there since the start of this month. I've dosed with about 1 ml of Seachem Flourish Comprehensive twice (once on Monday and once today) as recommended on the bottle. However, I've noticed that my java ferns have been turning brown these past few days and don't know what to do. All their rhizomes are exposed (some of the ferns aren't tied to anything; they're just free floating). I know plants go through an adjustment period, but I'm worried that the leaves might negatively affect my betta if I don't trim/remove them soon. I'm also thinking of adding one baby mystery snail in the tank soon. I heard that they will eat decaying plant matter. Should I just add the snail and let it eat the dying parts of my plants? I would greatly appreciate any advice and thanks for reading!



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Hi, those java ferns are lacking nutrients. You need a better fertilizer with micros and macros. Happened to me as well, now it's growing.

As for the mistery, go ahead, betta might bites its horns when you first put him in there, but he'll be alright. I've always kept mistery snails in my betta tanks. Nothing to worry about.

Honestly I don't care much about dying leaves, because I have a ton of shrimp and lots of different kinds of snails. But if your cleanup crew is a single mistery snail, probably best o remove the dying leaves. This also stimulates more growth. They're plant eating machines (dead plants) , but I doubt it can eat all that before it turns into amonia

If you're in the US I've heard thrive fertilizer is really good. Europe, I'd go with tropica specialized nutrition. Just a suggestion

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