Java Fern – Microsorum Pteropus Deficiency?

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    Hi all,

    New member here! Recently within the past 3 weeks I have noticed about 4-6 mature Java fern leaves looking like the picture attached during my weekly 50% WC each week. Young leaves are unaffected. The pothos, Elodea, lucky bamboo, green onion and most of the water lettuce in the aquarium are very healthy with no signs of any deficiencies. Some of the water lettuce have pinpoint holes while others have yellowing around the edge, maybe around 10% of the water lettuce appears this way. Other than 4-6 mature Java fern leaves looking this way each week and 10% of the water lettuce, the remainder of my plants are doing very well. I have around 75 leaves of Java fern remaining but am steadily losing 4-6 each week and I am very concerned as new growth cannot out compete these affected leaves. These plants have been in the aquarium for 11 months now and after steady growth, I am now only seeing complications.

    I was wondering if anyone might know what could cause the Java fern to appear this way. I am using flourish fertilizers and have many fertilizers available but am unsure of what might be deficient. I am using a Finnex FugeRay Planted+ LED light on the 29G aquarium and this runs 9 hours daily. The tank is stocked with 5 rainbow fish and 4 siamese algae eaters. Two hang on filters are running free of media other than a sponge for the nitrogen fixing bacteria (the tank is cycled at about 40ppm Nitrate each Sunday before a WC). Also, I am dosing the following at the moment:

    Mon- Flourish Excel (3mL) & Flourish (2.5mL) & Nitrogen (2mL) & Potassium (5mL)
    Tue- Phosphate (4mL)
    Wed- Flourish excel (3mL)
    Thu- Nitrogen (2mL) & Potassium (5mL)
    Fri- Flourish excel (3mL)
    Sat- Nothing
    Sun: 50% WC

    I am quite new to dosing aquarium fertilizers and would appreciate any feedback that could help my aquarium plants. I am more than willing to purchase tests to determine levels of ferts in the aquarium if anyone has recommendations for ones to use.

    Thank you!

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    Zigi Zig,

    Thank you for your reply. The Java Fern is currently attached to drift wood with black fishing wire. The temperature of the tank is 73F if that in any way might be a factor.
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    Here is a picture of what the rest of the plant looks like.