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jack 002.jpg
This is Jack Sparrow, also referred to as "Jack", "Little Jack", or "The captain of the Black Pearl"...Actually, not that last one.
jack 001.jpg
He is without a doubt the most gorgeous betta I've seen in a while. These are some really old pictures that were taken when I first got him, back when the Cabomba and Java Fern was healthy and thriving. For some reason, the Moneywort, the one plant everybody thought would die off first, is the only one doing any good at all.

I got Jack a few months ago, so far he has done incredibly. First he was all alone in his tank, then I added some Longfinned Golden Zebra Danios, then took them out and replaced them with two Glassfish and two wild Guppies from a lake that my brother just had to have. Now Pearl is in there, and she is the only one he has ever noticed.

Jack spends most of his time swimming now, before he would mosey from one side to the other to let the weak current of the filter drape his long, gorgeous fins over the driftwood like a wet towel and chill like that for a bit. Now he doesn't have enough driftwood or enough current to do that anymore. Mostly, now he just works on his bubble nest, or flares at Pearl through the separator.

DSC01332 pearl.JPG
This is Pearl, otherwise known as "Princess Pearl" at first it was 'Princess Peach' but then I thought, "Hey, she isn't peach, she's white, pink and blue!"
So she was appropriately renamed.
DSC01329 pearl.JPG
I gave her the skull, heater and filter intake. She's a lady, and even though Jack may not appreciate that, I think she deserves to have all the nice stuff. Hey, ladies! I'm a gentleman.
Anyway, she looooves that skull. She swims in circles pretty much just to go through the hole in the back of the head and out the eye. She's like a little kid on a slide at a playground! She is much more active than Jack. She spends all of her time swimming around her small little square foot area of the tank looking for anything new. "Ooh! That snail was all the way over there, now it's here!"
DSC01330 pearl.JPG
The florescent tube really brings out her colors, she has a white body, speckled with blue marks, with fins that start blue but fade to a bright purple then pink at the edges. The tube really makes her dazzle, but she's a little camera shy.

The Crib

This is the most recent picture I have of it. It's basically still the same right now, I just moved the filter over so that the water fall was split over the separator so there would be a current on both sides, and some surface movement. The water was so still before because I didn't want to mess up Jack's bubble nest, but it was so still that algae was starting to build up.
So I had to fix that.

I'll add more to this later, and add more recent pictures some other time.

Thanks for reading!


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Hello Ben,

Beautiful Bettas and a great home for them too! Thanks for sharing the photos.



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I really like the black colored one, but both are very pretty. I like your tank setup, too.
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