Jack Flash Platy Fry

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    bellekeat Valued Member Member

    Oh i have had a great morning trying to catch those tiny fry , for the hatchery, lol. And i don't have a turkey baster so it's good old net catching, oh joy lol. They are super duper fast, like specs of light darting around.
    Any ideas on an easier way to catch them is much appreciated, without the risk of a fish catching them before i do :p
  2. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

  3. OP

    bellekeat Valued Member Member

    aahhh yes that sounds like a good suggestion, i've caught 9 so far but there is 1 stubborn one which wont be caught lol, he's quite big so been there few weeks possibly, and he spots a threat a mile off, probably how he is still here and not one of the eaten ones lol , cheeky fishy hahahaha, i kinda think if he has come this far he be fine even if i don't catch him, lol