Jack Dempsey Breeding Pair.

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by Fishlady20, Apr 11, 2017.

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    I had a 75 gallon cichlid tank that was set up inside that had a convict cichlid a firemouth 3 Jack dempseys and a pleco. We had some stuff happened at the house and needed to remodel so we moved it outside for a short period of time. I live in Florida so it was warm enough although at one point it did get a bit cold so I put a heater in there then went on vacation and came home to most of the fish dead or beaten to a pulp except for the 9-inch Jack Dempsey and the 4-inch Jack Dempsey the only thing that lived was the other Jack Dempsey which happened to be 6 inches and the pleco which was 10 inches but they were both beaten pretty good which i moved to a hospital tank. and then a few days after I came home from vacation I went to feed them and noticed a lot of babies. But then the algae started to grow way too much and I tried keeping it clean and no matter what I did it just kept overflowing with algae to the point where I couldn't see through the water at all and when I tried to clean it the parents would attack my hand or anything I put in there so I just set up a new 75 gallon inside and cycled it for a week and then put them in there I caught as many of the babies as I could but I don't know how many there are now I think some of them most of them died because of the algae but I still have probably 30 or 40. I didn't expect the jack dempseys to pair off nor do I know why this happened just randomly and now they are very good parents but I'm wondering if I keep the babies in the tank will they spawn again the babies are about three weeks old. I would prefer not to set up another tank yet until we're done remodeling we absolutely had to set up the 75 so we put it in a part of the house that was done. any advice would be appreciated
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    Hi there,
    I believe that your Jack Dempesies might spawn again once the fry are 6 weeks old.
    Also, once the fry are 6 weeks old or you're starting to notice some of the missing, I would separate them into a breeder box or a fry tank. Otherwise, the parents might eat them.

    If your JDs spawn again thy might have 100+ fry. Jack Dempsies can have up to 200 fry per spawn.

    What else do you have in the tank with the JDs? Like all cichlids, if they are in breeding mode they will terrorize everything else in the tank.
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    They already killed everything else in the tank the first time so there's nothing else in there now and thanks for that info I will look for a tank to set up for the fry
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    Check their behavior. If they choose an area and start to clean it and if the male is displaying to the female then that means they're getting ready to spawn again.

    You can keep the fry in a 40 breeder if you have one available. Just throw in a seeded sponge filter and do bare bottom.
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    I don't have a 40 breeder yet but I'm hoping to get one and I'm setting up a 180 in my kitchen for my other cichlids once that is up I can set up a 40 some where but all that is taking my time. How will I know if the male is displaying to the female
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    YouTube Jack Dempsey breeding display to get a better visual.
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    The fry are at least 6 weeks if not more and I'm wondering if they are still in the tank if the parents will spawn again. We have had a couple things go wrong with remodeling the house and can't more the fry yet