ive think i figured my plan!


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Okay, I think ive got my first saltwater aquarium! I now theres no such thing in saltwater, inless your beond rich. But heres what I want to do.

Filtration- 2 marineland peguins (350)s,as for a protein skimmer i plan to do one in the future.

Substrate- Im not going with live sand, because of what the guy said at my lfs. The excat type not sure I will decide when im buying everything with the help of the workers at my lfs.

Decor- Of course, I will be using live because its a Fowlr aquarium.

Powerheads- I will not be using any because the guy at my lfs said my 2 350 peguins will be enough flow sense I dont have any corals. I know ALOT OF PEOPLE DISAGREE but I trust the person i talked to becasue hes had 10+ years SW/FW KEEPING. He's had a sw tank for 10 YEARS NOW.

Livestock- I wish to do 2 clowns,dottyback, and maybye some chromis. Honestly I havent checked compatabilty. Will this work ?

Lighting- With the nice kit im buying, it comes with led light. I hear alot that it makes the fishes colors POP. its a FOWLR tank.

Here are some of the things ive found well researching VERY HELPFUL. i typed out my maintenance plan myself

This is what I plan to do for maintenance

Daily checklist

 Replace any evaporated water.
 Check the fish for anything abnormal.
 Test the water for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH.
 Check temperature.
 Check all of the equipment.

Weekly checklist

 Every 2 weeks do a 20% percent water changes.(11 gallons) Then add properly mixed salt.
 Rinse the filter pad 2-3 times a week.
 Scrub the tank with an algae scrapper.

Monthly checklist

 Change the filters.
 Every 2-3 months scrub the exterior of the filter.
 Clean the outside of the tank, and the stand.

thats everything I could think of at the moment

Here's water parameters that i plan to do FOR THE FOWLR COLUM


Thats everything ive planned also I have plans for a satnd that will work perfect! So This helped anyone with anything and if there somthing wrong with my plan PLZ TELL ME! otherwise Thanks!


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Congrat's, best of luck with the new setup.

Whilst there are aspects of your planned setup that I disagree with, as long as you're comfortable that you understand what should happen etc, then it's a good plan. Too, the more people you ask, the more different opinions you'll get. If you're going to follow the advice of your LFS, then follow their plan. Trying to mix and match could cause more trouble than having one consistent apporach.

Maintanence wise:
- Is your LFS recommending you use RO/DI, or are they saying tap water is fine for evaporation top off?
- Testing water parameters, daily is fine while the tank cycles, once cycled, you should be able to drop to once a week, or once every other week.
- Water changes, as mentioned in your other thread, IMO 10% every week is better, but if your LFS says 20% once a fortnight, well then ok.
- Rinsing pads 2-3 times a week, in what water?
- scrubbing the tank - get a magnet cleaner, and scrub as required
- what are changing in the filters each month?
- scrub exterior of filters? could be weekly depending on the level of salt creep you experience. Especially with two HOBs splashing water.

Is your LFS suggesting you chase the numbers in the DF&S chart? Just curious.

Like I said, if you're going to follow the LFS, it is best I don't post contradicting advice to their suggestions.

Best of luck with the new setup Don't forget the photos

Stocking plan: looks ok, but what size tank is it..... IIRC, 55G? 55+ it's ok.

why are you not going with live sand?
It's one of those aspects that's not really important. Live Sand is expensive, and to be honest, doesn't do a great deal unless you get it straight from the ocean and straight into the tank. The sand becomes 'live' quick enough
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Its a 55 gallon tank.

For what water I use such as ro/di or tap, they said I could buy there purefied pre-mixed saltwater and fresh but I plan do use ro/di because it will pay for itself in 15 weeks.

Rinsing the filter pads under tap.

For water changes, I cant decide if I want to weekly or once every 2 weeks. I know weeklys better but i dont know if i can do that. but i think ill try do weekly the best i can.

changing the filters, in the peguins.

for water paremeters no they did suggest df&s thats just a nice chart i found

I think I answered all of your questions, thanks for the reply. also with that being said does my plan look good?
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