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So I recently took off from the fish scene, not wanting to deal with specifics of fishkeeping other than feeding, water changes and the occasional testing. I decided to do so because I got extremely busy and because my tank is unstable, testing the water only stressed me out because the fish were acting fine so instead of wasting more fluid, I decided to have a 1-day-1-not water change schedule until more SafeStart can come in (Because last time I went to buy some there was no more anywhere)

I ordered 2 bottles of Tetra SafeStart+ from Dr. Fosters & Smiths along with some Prime.

The Goldies are all still alive, I bought a divider to separate the Fantail from the Pearlscale and the Pearl is healing up nicely although she's developed a black bruise-like line over a bit of her left side along with the same black bruise-like thing on where her fin was ripped off.

My current plans for her is to move her into a new 55 gallon tank that's coming soon along with some Telescope Goldfish roommates. The way I see it is, if the Telescopes can't see very well and are slow swimmers and the Pearl is a slow swimmer as well, then they should get along just fine. Also should be great because it'd take some of the bio-load out of the current 55.

Anyway those are the 55 gallon's updates, I'm still not cycled because in the recent testing I have 0.25 Nitrite and 0.50 Ammonia with NitrAtes being at 20. I'm also going to be getting some plants but that's mainly for decor and some NitrAte extraction...

Now for the 10 gallon.

The 10 gallon is fully cycled and the Oto and the Betta are perfect in there, I want to add 4 dwarf cories but they didn't have any. Nor did they have any Emerald Cories, I was informed a new shipment would come in this month so I'm hoping they do!

Anyway that's it! I'm long winded and I missed all of you here with your good advice. So yessss, hello again!


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Welcome back! Glad to hear your goldie is healing and that plans are under way to keep her safe and happy.

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