I've Messed Up

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Ilovebarbslol, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. IlovebarbslolWell Known MemberMember

    Good night my fellow fish keepers.
    I've messed up. My plan were to get geophagus redhead tapajos in my 75G,
    But I search 2 fish stores today and couldn't find the sand I need or wanted,so I settle for this one [​IMG]
    It's the National Geographic sand from prtsmart
    So my friend helped me moved the tank
    I wash the sand and place it in the tank. I started the filter. It's currently on
    I'm upset with my self
    I don't think my geos will be able to pick up the sand and sift through it
    Any ideas what I should do

  2. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    Why wouldn't they be able to use it?

  3. Tiny_TanganyikansWell Known MemberMember

    I use the very same natgeo sand mixed with aragonite and some MPS. My small shell dwellers and other cichlids have no issues with it. My multies have probably moved tons of it at this point

  4. IlovebarbslolWell Known MemberMember

    How you
    I just figure it's a little to big yo pass through their gills
    o really. Well that's good to hear. I was worried
  5. TwoHedWlfWell Known MemberMember

    Kind of hard to tell from the pic, from what I can see...Maybe it's a flying saucer? Or is it a weather balloon?

    As long as the grains are less than a mm or so they should be fine.
  6. James17Well Known MemberMember

    Please slow down, As before, you run full speed and then say you messed up.
    Slow down, think about it, then execute, you will be happier in the end.
    Good Luck.
  7. IlovebarbslolWell Known MemberMember

    Flying saucer or weather balloon
    Ik bro. Smh. It's not good. I need help. Smh I'm making it hardly on myself
    I know they will be able to pick it up. I just don't know if it will pass through their gills
    You remember me.
    Seems like TexasDomer agree with you
  8. James17Well Known MemberMember

    You know I'm not blaming you for anything, I just think your life would be much happier if you would slow down, think before you jump, it took me many years to get there myself.
  9. IlovebarbslolWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks. N I know. I'll try my best

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  10. TwoHedWlfWell Known MemberMember

    Ah, that's pretty fine sand. I'd say that's a perfect size.
  11. IlovebarbslolWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks. We will see. Idk if I should change it now or let them test it out
    If they can't pass it through their gill, I'm sure they will spit it out
  12. Tiny_TanganyikansWell Known MemberMember

    My fish sift it daily. Even the larger grain black sand
  13. IlovebarbslolWell Known MemberMember

    What kind of fish you Have

    Ok ladies and gentleman. I just came from my lfs and got some fine sand. Maybe too fine lol I like it tho
    So my plan was to scoop old sand. Throw it out
    Wash my new sand and dump it in my aquarium while the water still in
    Good idea or bad idea (draining 75G of water is a lot and my sick isn't the best
    Please comment. Asap plez
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  14. James17Well Known MemberMember

    I used a bowl, scooped out the old
    then scooped the wet new sand, lowered it into the aquarium slowly and poured it out where I wanted it, worked pretty darned good.
  15. BetrayerWell Known MemberMember

    It seemed like most of the members who commented felt like your fish would be just fine with your current sand. It seems like a ton of work to change it all out unless your fish are having a real problem. Have you been able to spend some time observing them?
  16. IlovebarbslolWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks alot bro. Ill do that next hr after I inhale
    (Long day at wrk)
    Thanks. Lol to bad you didn't comment earlier lol well I don't have no fish in my 75G at the momment but In the 30G I have a threadfin acara and it sift through the sand
  17. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    The Nat Geo sand you got is fine for the acara. We've already told you this. Switch to a different sand if you wish, but it's unnecessary.

    It's a little frustrating for you to continually ask for our opinions and then do the opposite. If you're going to do something anyway, why ask us?
  18. IlovebarbslolWell Known MemberMember

    Well guess what. I'm not keeping the acara!!!!!
    Ain't no way they passing that through their gills!!
  19. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    But it's sand? I don't see why they would have a problem with it. As long as it's sand and not pea gravel, it'll be fine (sorry, there's no way we can tell from your pic the grain size - you provided nothing for scale).

    And you're rehoming the acara now? I thought you were moving him to the 75 gal.
  20. IlovebarbslolWell Known MemberMember

    Yea I know it's sand but it's not fine sand
    N correct the pic weren't good
    And no I'm bringing her back even tho she's cool but I'm getting geophagus redhead tapajos

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