Ive lost my frog :-(

  1. f

    fletch Member Member

    I havnt seen my frog for around a week now but there is no way he could have escaped. I have looked under all the rocks and done a thorough search for him but all in vein :-( (queue violins). I was wondering if any fish could completely consume an entire frog, bones and all? would my sucking catfish do that?

  2. o

    onelovie Member Member

    I bought two frogs recently. One survived and one did not. The one that did not survive was eaten by my fish (tetras and barbs)...there was very little of the remains left. So, I think it is possible your fish could have eaten your frog. On a brighter note, my frog that did survive is quite a little hider. I thought for a while that they both had died, but then I saw him dart out from under the log that I have in my tank. Hopefully yours will do the same!

  3. OP

    fletch Member Member

    Ha, i did see him this morning. Its weird because I took everything out of the tank to look for him. Who knows where he was hiding?!!!
  4. G

    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Excellent! Glad you found him! ;)
  5. s

    swimfan Member Member

    how curious! sneaky little dude. glad you found him!!!
  6. J

    Jason Well Known Member Member

    He could have burrowed into the gravel/sand whatever u have. Some frogs do that
  7. OP

    fletch Member Member

    he's not very big and I have realy chunky gravel. I wouldnt think he could get under it