It's Summer!

  1. :) fatcatfish (:

    :) fatcatfish (: Well Known Member Member

    So on Sunday the temperature in South West England reached a nice 21 degrees Celsius! On Monday my BN catfish turned 13! And today everyone in my tank were showing their best colours after having been on a mostly protein diet since April! (More water changes for me, but worth it when they look so beautiful).

    The cherries especially today were really active, the males spreading their fins and showing off to the girlies and each other. The guys would circle one another and seemed to size each other up (really interesting to watch), whilst each cleaning up their own part of the bushy plant I put in there after my BN cat and ruby barbs decimated my Ludwigia and Hygrophilia (I wasn't too mad, should have seen it coming really with those nice soft Ludwigia haha and rubies are real mischief makers sometimes!) I have also noticed that one of the males even seems a bit more maroon than red.

    All in all it seems like it might be a good season with the possibility of me having to perhaps invest in a small 10g in case the cherries decide to get busy later on.

    I hope all is going well for everyone else, both weather wise and aquarium wise!


  2. Quibbles

    Quibbles Valued Member Member

    Awesome, fun tank!