Its official my shrimp are laughing

  1. A

    Angelbear Well Known Member Member

    So got three ghost shrimp today for my betta after work. Go home, find out can't qt them as planned can't find my spare heater for the life of me..maybe I ended up throwing it away. So moved some things around tested water its all good mixed in a small amount of aq salt as a precautionary measure probably unneeded but....its something. Slowly acclimated the three shrimp over the past hour in a half or so lost track of exact time so give or take a few and turned them loose.

    watching them now. The betta tried to chase one or two but they just zoomed away and poor Prince would swim in a circle confused then go after the other he spotted. This went on for a while now he seems to ignore them even when they swim right by him. I picked the more mature ones out of the tank they are so full of energy. Its like they almost dare Prince to chase them. Pics tomorrow after they are more settled
  2. Tonia

    Tonia Well Known Member Member

    Sounds like an exciting game to watch!
  3. OP

    Angelbear Well Known Member Member

    it is. He has pretty much given up at chasing them and they have settled down just fine.