Its moving day!

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Ok everyone, today is the the day that we move the 90 gallon reef tank. T-mines 1 hour and 47 Minuets.

If you could send us some good vibes,prayers,and what ever else you thing would help us.

I did not sleep well,4 hour of sleep is all I got. I am VERY worried that something HORRIBLE will happen to the tank as we are trying to move it,bottom of the tank shattering,one of the sides shattering,we kill the whole thing in 3 week,and on and on and on,to every end that you can think of. SO any vibes,prayer and what ever else you "send" will be greatly appreciated.
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goodluck andy!!!!!!! I'm sure it all will work fine and you will be amazed, each time you read this post, after its all said and done..happy moving and get some sleep later
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And on top of having to move this monster tank, we're having an open house tomorrow in honor of Andy's graduation from High School!! (I'm his mom IRL).

Sooooo, while all the boys in this household are moving reefs, I get to try and get everything ready for the EIGHTY people we have coming over tomorrow!!
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Good luck with the tank move and graduation party!
And remember... take a deep breath! Once the tank is moved and the party gets started, relax and enjoy yourself! It sounds like you will have earned it!!
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Andy, everything will go smooth....I've moved my salt tank from CA to AZ in the back of a moving truck and it all worked out.....Just enjoy setting it all up and making it beautiful......I can't wait to see the finished product!

Congratulations on the graduation Andy! I'm proud of you....
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Dont worry, soon you will be posting amazing salt water pics, making all of us Freshwaters jealous!
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Good luck with the tank move Andy, can't wait to start seeing all the pic's!
Bede, hope everything goes well for the house open!
If anyone's looking for Andy, just show them where the tank is..
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Congrats on graduation! Way to go Andy Now comes the easy part...moving the tank
Remember we need pictures of it all.
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its in.

All went well! We got done putting it up about 3 hours ago.

All is well,the fish are hiding,the coral is all shut-up but some of the zoas are opening up a bit.
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Good job Andy! The fish will come out the the corals will open up in a day or 2.....Now go have fun at the Grad party!
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The grad party is not till tomorrow (Sunday). The graduations cakes are 3/4 done. We now have just the tea sandwiches to get done tomorrow. We are having 4 kind: PBJ,smoked salmon,roast beef,and delI pork.
Other than that most is done.

thanks every one for the good thoughts,vibes and prayers.
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Thanks Andy, now I am hungry!
Well done with the tank move, and I hope your first marine tank goes well for you!
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Congrats on graduation and the tank move. Post photos as soon as you can. It's great to know there's another Andy in the Saltwater section.
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The open house was a BLAST!!! 99% of the people that we invited came. The food was a hit. We also had some strawberry that where GOOD and they were gone before you knew it.

As for the saltwater tank,all is well. All the fish are a wee bit banged up from the move but they all ate this morning.
We lost 2 chromis,we think that the 1 healthy chromis finished off the 2 that where weak,as to not draw attention from "predators".

I should go clean up the HUGE mess that is leftover from the party.

Oh and here are some pictures of the tank.Enjoy. The trigger is looking better than it was.
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The day has finally arrived! My fish should start waking up about 6am. Once I have them fed and they settle down a bit, I'm sure they'll line up and be ready to swim into the bucket . I hope things go as smoothly as I have it all planned out. (we all know how surprises can spring up in a hurry:shock.

Step1 unplug everything but the tank lights
2 turn on emergency back up air supply in the 155g and the tide pool of the wet/dry filter.
3 Using my 750mag drive pump, pump 1/2 of the water from the 155g to the 265g.
4 Move heaters and large ornaments and seeded filter media into 265g
5 Slowly add the bucket to the 155g and allow fish to swim into it (teehee) transfer the fish.
6 Turn heaters on in the 265g and emergency back up air supply
7 Pump the remaining water from the 155g to the 265g
8 Move all of the river rock and plants from the 155g to the 265g
9 Disconnect wet/dry filter from 155g and move it to the 265g
10 Start pumping the new water from both 55 gallon drums into the 265g and then the new water from the 29 gallon tank as well.
11 Start both Aqua Clear 110's and the Mag Drive 950 Wet/Dry
12 Place plants where they need to go without falling in the 265g
13 Dose tank with Nova Aqua+, Amquel + and Immune Plus.
14 Attach the Diatom XL w/diatom powder and the Marineland HOT (with micron cartridge) and run them most of the day, add hoods and lights.
16 (Doh!)
17 Relax and enjoy the happy fish in sparkling clear, pristine water.

Keep your fingers crossed for me everyone! It's going to be a great day!
Once I"m done I'll let everyone know how things went.
Enjoy the weekend!
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Our fins are crossed for you that everything goes as planned today

I really like #12, but I don't think your fish would mind "Daddy" spending some quality "swim-time" with them
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Thanks BB lol
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Good luck Ken. It's going to be awesome. I can just see your fishies all lined up waiting for their turn to swim into the bucket.

Can't wait to see it when it's done!
Tony G.
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cant wait to see how this is at the end! you BETTER have pictures of the process ya know! have chef take them while you do the running back and forth with the bucket
Best of luck! my fingers are crossed as of..... now!!! wheew its hard to type with one hand!!! lol
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Ken I think you need an extra set of hands there hold on let me get my keys. Give me about 5 hours. hahaha
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I hope your taking pictures, I want to see how well #5 works....................
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We're up and running folks! This is the first time I"ve sat down in 7 hours The fish are just "thrilled" to death to have such a big home. I can't believe it. Not the first sign of trauma from anyone. My pH is 8.0 temperature is 80 degrees.

For some reason they didn't line up as expected to get into the bucket. I believe they all thought I needed a shower because I truly got soaked from head to toe. All of my filters are running (5 of them) including my Diatom XL with the diatom powder and my Marineland HOT as well. The water is already almost crystal clear. By using the Diatom w/powder there will be no algae blooms. I'm pumping 2600gph as of right now. When I remove the Diatom and HOT I'll still be pumping 2000gph around the clock. The new Aqua Clear 110's are doing great! I put floss on the bottom then the giant sponge and 2 large packs of bio tubes all of which have been seeding for several months.

Pumping the water from tank to tank and barrel to tank was "wonderful". No buckets.

When I was moving the wet/dry filter from the 155 I had a slight trauma. I was dumping the remaining water out of it and some how I ended up spilling blue bio balls all over the bathroom floor. I was panicking! Chef told me to calm down, and I did and everything was fine. There were only a few that I was afraid to use that actually rolled into the shower section.

I almost flooded the room a couple of times. My "U" tubes, out take, that hangs on back (for the wet/dry) were low in the tank covering the hole that allows air in so I don't have a back wash. So I had to shut the wet/dry down and drill holes higher in the "U" part so air could get in and prevent a flood when I turn the pump off. Without the holes all of the water would have sucked back out and into the wet/dry causing a flood. (I hope that makes sense)

Anyway...I still have plants to do but I'm exhausted. I'll work on that tomorrow. Chef offered to help but I told him I think I need to do this by myself so I can keep track of everything. He's going to fix me a steak tonight!

The recessed lighting over the tank looks great. I can have them on by themselves or I can turn on the tank lights as well.

I'll have pictures early next week! Thanks for everything folks! You've all been a great support for me through all of this. (hmmm More to come?) teehee

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Glad that overall, everything went well and the fish are all very happy in their new home

Please give Chef a big hug from all of us for being so supportive of you and your fish and enjoy your much-earned steak. And if you get a chance, blow your fish a kiss as a congratulations for having a nice new home

I'll be watching closely for the pics. Can't wait to see them
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Thanks BB and I will. I'm not feeling too swift right now. I think I drank too much fish water! Ewwwww lol
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Bless your heart! Rest up, get back to feeling 100% and know that we're all VERY excited for you
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Photos!!! Lol
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and now its time for and bcause you are a on this project and I for one vote a for this project....CONGRATS!!!
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awesome job ken!!!!!!!!!!! if you had skipped steps 15-16, you might not have had a belly of fish water !! ;D

I so cannot wait for the pics....I hope you are very proud of yourself!
Tony G.
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ken! sorry you drank too much tank water... lol
you should have worn your scooba diving outfit and snorkel so you coud do this without treading water lol. I wish I had that little scooba diving smiley right now... its probaby what you were like in that giant tank lol

enjoy your steak
  • #30 water. lol
I don't know how I missed your update. I'm so excited for you!
What a job. Rest up, can't wait for pics.
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Thanks everyone!
Feeling much better today and I'm ready to tackle the plants and get them in the tank. I fell asleep early on the couch last night about 8pm. I was pooped! Chefs' dinner was delicious! (as always).

I just checked on the tank and all is well. The fish seem to be happier than ever having so much room.

Shawnie, that's why steps 15 and 16 were last! lol

I'm going to lower my over flow box just a bit today. The water level is right at the brI'm of the tank and it's a little scary. Although the top of the tank is completely sealed so I don't have to worry about it seeping under the rim. It would have to over flow to cause a problem.

It was so nice (once I got up off the couch and into bed) to be able to watch my fish and fall asleep, and of course Gabby was watching with me My dogs even went into the fish room and slept by the tank. Made me feel good.

Have a good day today everyone. More updates later.
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Glad you got caught up on your sleep! It's important after tackling these exhausting tasks That sounds so cool and very peaceful. I hope these next few days go quickly. I'm dying for pics
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Morning BB. I"m going now and take some pictures before I add the plants. I'm not sure if the tongs I have are going to work or not. I may have to order some tongs that Carol (Butterfly) mentioned in another thread. Too, I need light bulbs that match ! lol I had to buy a new 48" strip light and I don't like the bulb that came with it. It doesn't do anything for orange colored fish

I just did my water tests and I couldn't be happier with the results. All are right where they need to be for a happy healthy tank. It's amazing how empty the tank looks even with my large fish.

I'll be adding my Bloody Parrot juveniles later on in the week. Before I do though I need new fish to go into the 26g (where the juvies are now) so I don't lose the cycle. I'm thinking of getting 4 cory cats or a couple more Silver Dollars (I want to find red hooks and striped ones) of some sort and keep them in the 26g for a few weeks before adding them to the 265g.

:camera: Ken

oh, I got the over flow box lowered and it has a much better water level now. With the over flow box there is no water lines which I really like. I removed 1 gallon of water from the tide pool ahead of time to prevent an over flow in the Wet/Dry (WD) filter.
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Getting tongs long enough for that tank is definitely a challenge. I'm glad you mentioned lighting. I need to research that. It's amazing what proper lighting can do to show off our finned babies.

It's great that your water parameters are staying on target, although I can't say I'm surprised. You really know how to keep your fish happy and healthy.

Oooh, I like corys But Silver Dollars are beautiful. You have a pretty tough decision ahead of you. Whatever you decide, they're going to be some very lucky fish.

Mercy, I'm so excited for you! Happy clap
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Sounds like it all went great! I'm so happy for you.
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Wow, what a job, glad your almost there, looking forward to the pix, they'll be great I'm sure!!

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Fantastic Ken. Just tuned in - that all went so smooth. So happy the fish gave you a 'what for' before you got them into their new home. You'd expect no less, but they'll be happy with the extra space. Big job well done!
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WOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!!!! I just "caught" this..I'm soooooooooooo happy and excited for u that it all went well!!!!! a little water...They must really be happy in their new home..cant wait to see pics!!!!!!
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Looking forward to seeing the pictures,


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