Itchy fish

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    Ammonia 0
    Nitrate 5
    ph 7.0

    My fish (not all) keep rubbing their selves on the sand, swimming along and rubbing their sides. No sign of white spot on any of the fish at all. All eating and behaving as they should. I am assuming this is natural.:;dk. I have kept fish for a long time before and can't remember if they did it or not(old age memory span).

  2. critter_fritter79

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    My oscars began doing that a few weeks after I got them. I finally figured out that it was an external parasite..treated with parasite clear dissolving tabs. Took 2 rounds of treatment but once it cleared up I have had no more problems.
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    Thanks m8, i will set up vigil in my viewing chair tonight and see what i can make out(if they keep still long enough)LOL.