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5 to 10 years
I had been wanting fish ever since I was really young. I had always been fascinated with anything that lives underwater. I quickly learned about fish anatomy when fishing with my grandpa and...uh...preparing the fish to be fried. But I didn't get my first pet fish until I was 13.

We had lived in Arizona at the time, down on Fort Huachuca. My grandparents had given us all Walmart gift cards for Christmas (yes, a Walmart rescue story...). I had trouble picking out my gift until we passed the pet section. Surprisingly, my dad, who is definitely not a fan of animals unless he can eat them, said yes. And so did my mom. I was really excited. I got a 1-gallon tank (yeah, I wasn't educated in fish back then) - the same kind my best friend kept her betta in. And then I picked out the brightest, healthiest betta I saw. At the suggestion of my brother, I named him "Kikkoman."

I quickly upgraded to a 10 gallon tank and gave Kikkoman some corydoras catfish friends. Throughout the years, I had kept two bettas (not at the same time), multiple corydoras, danios, guppies, tetras, platies, etc. You know, the basic beginner fish.

And now I've worked my way up to a 55 gallon aquarium, and I may eventually get another 55 gallon. I'll keep you all updated on the fish.
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