Is Triple Sulfa hurting my betta? Help

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by MyFireElf, Apr 14, 2010.

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    A while back I bought Phineas, who I thought might have fin rot, and I treated him with Jungle Fungus Clear and Mardel Maracyn, which didn’t seem to help. After lurking here on the forums for a while I decided to try just keeping his water clean, with frequent changes and garlic juice in the water and his food, but he kept getting worse – his caudal fin kept getting shorter, and the black that was along the edge of that fin when I bought him spread to all of his other fins, which started getting shorter too. One of the employees at the fish store I go to suggested API Triple Sulfa, which I’ve been giving him since Saturday and I think is working, because the black along the edge of his fins is almost completely gone now, and I think I even see new fin growth. Yay!

    The problem is, every day after I put his dose in the water, one of his eyes swells up like the pictures I’ve seen of popeye. It goes down again, but by then it's time for the next dose. I’d like to do a second course of treatment, which is four doses, just to make sure he’s recovering, but not if he's going to lose his eye in the process. I was wondering if anyone here has had a fish react like this to a medication, and what they’ve done about it. Should I stop treating him, or will his eye be ok?
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    How long did you wait before using the Triple Sulfa after using Jungle? If you didnt wait long enough the medications could be reacting in his system. Other then that I'm not sure I've never heard of Triple Sulfa having ill effects on Bettas before...If it looks like the black is gone I would wait a week before treating him with another dose. Just keep his water clean and heated. With garlic in his food. Then after a week if you feel you need to do another treatment you can try the Triple Sulfa again or move to Tetracycline or Erythromycin. I have personally used the Tetracycline and have never had a problem with it. Just dont forget to remove your carbon filter before treating.
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    Furallicah, I used Jungle when I first brought him home, so it's been a few weeks at least. A funny thing about the sulfa - the whole time I was using it the roof of my mouth was swollen, which stopped when I stopped treating him. Then I remembered why; I'm allergic to sulfa! Hah, maybe poor Phineas is too. I've stopped using it and his eye doesn't seem to be swelling anymore, so I'm going to just keep watching the eye and his fins for signs that they're getting better or worse, and just keep him clean and garlic-ed in the meantime. If I he doesn't get better I'll take your suggestion and try tetracycline.
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