Is To Much Water Conditioner Bad

  1. fishgame6 Member Member

    with prime cause its so condensed its hard to get the right amount into the 3 gallon jug i mix it in i have bettas if that helps
  2. goplecos Well Known Member Member

  3. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Yes, too much can be bad. An easy way to measure small doses is to pick up a 1mL medication syringe (I just ask my vet for one, they're usually happy to give one for free!) and then measure it that way. Even easier is to get a dropper and add 2 drops per gallon, so 6 drops for your jug ;)
  4. James17 Well Known Member Member

    I don't see how it would be bad, I wouldn't put a whole bottle in the three gallon jug. A little extra should be fine.
    OK I could be wrong.
  5. fishgame6 Member Member

    its 7 gallon
  6. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    then 1 threadfull would work
  7. fishgame6 Member Member

    ok thanks
  8. OnTheFly Well Known Member Member

    Buy a Med syringe at the pharmacy for about a dollar and you can dose water conditioners and Meds accurately. Overdosing Prime a but is probably harmless, but double doses and more for no good reason will waste the money the Med syringe costs pretty quickly.