Is This Stocking Ok? 37 Gal

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by B3tta fishy, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. B3tta fishyValued MemberMember

    Hello, again lol. This is probably the 50th time I’ve made a stocking thread for my 37 gal lol. So this is my idea:

    1 pearl gourami (already have)
    1 clown pleco (already have)
    1 mystery snail (already have)
    5-6 dwarf neon rainbows (I have two I’m getting more though
    6 glowlight tetras
    1 apistogramma cacatouides double red

    The tank is densely planted with lots of hiding places lol. Would this be overstocked for my tank? Btw, the tank has been running since October last year and all the parameters are 0 except ph which is 8.0 and nitrate which is 20-40 ppm. Thanks in advance!
  2. WobbegongWell Known MemberMember

    What are the tank dimensions, you can use aqadvisor. It is not perfect but it will give you a decent idea of what you can stock.
  3. aussieJJDudeWell Known MemberMember

    IMO it would be fine. I would consider bumping up the glowlights by a couple of individuals so it doesn't look so even.
  4. B3tta fishyValued MemberMember

    it’s 12 inches deep, 30 inches wide, 22 inches tall. I’ve tried aqadvisor but they don’t have the right filter size for my tank.

    Ok, thank you so much!
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  5. Tassie_JulesNew MemberMember

    Can I ask if you've had any probs with the mystery snail escaping?
  6. B3tta fishyValued MemberMember

    Nope, the furthest he goes is to the water surface lol. I’ve had no snail escapes on any tank, even without lids lol
  7. Tassie_JulesNew MemberMember

    Thanks, I was hesitant about getting one because a few write ups say they're escape artists.
  8. aussieJJDudeWell Known MemberMember

    They seem to really leave the water if theres something wrong with it.
  9. Tassie_JulesNew MemberMember

    Ok ta, the water has been quite good so I'll give a couple a go. Cheers