Is This Snails Shell Growth Normal? Question

Discussion in 'Snails' started by ladyrivermouse, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. ladyrivermouseValued MemberMember

    I know this may not be the best picture to illustrate my concern but he's been sitting up there with his buddy for awhile so I can't really get a great shot.
    He's a little young blue mystery snail who I purchased in a group of 4 blues. He's the only one who's shell looks like it's starting to grow out darker? He's not as blue as the others but has got a solid shell, not translucent at all except for the small new band of growth. He seems to be eating his veggies and snello just fine so he's getting plenty of calcium and protein. Any ideas? 20180619_205312.jpg
  2. MmmphValued MemberMember

    Your snail is is kinda like mine with the color change! I wouldn’t worry about it as long as he is healthy.

    I ended up posting a question about my snail too before seeing your thread
    Question - Color Change In Mystery Snails
  3. ladyrivermouseValued MemberMember

    Oh wow that is interesting! My ivory was green when I took it home and then grew its ivory shell when it was a little older, but I've never seen mystery snails change colors like these guys have. Mine looks like he's growing a green shell and becoming a jade and yours looks like it's growing into an ivory shell.
  4. PringlethesnailWell Known MemberMember

    It’s darker because it is thinner, so you can see the dark foot more through the shell. You are probably not feeding enough protein. They should be eating a meat based water 5-6 days a week. You can see my care guide pinned at the top of the snail section for more information.

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