Is this shrimp pregnant?

  1. stickman89 Initiate Member


    Over the last few months this shrimp looks pregant but it never seems to give birth do they get eaten by other fish?
  2. stickman89 Initiate Member

    1466159811756.jpg 1466159823874.jpg
  3. FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    Yes, she is. And yes, other fish will eat them

    do you plan on keeping the babies?
    What else do you have in the tank?
    What size tank is she in?
    (Sorry for the questions)
  4. stickman89 Initiate Member

    At the moment there's like one white mountain minnow and other shrimp in a fluval edge 46l what do I need to do to keep them they must instantly get eaten because I've never saw any in the tank she seems to always look like this
  5. FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    How long has she looked like this?
    Also, (I know its off topic) you need 6+ White cloud minnows, you can't just keep one alone..
    You might want to just separate her into another tank if you can.
    I don't think 1 WCMM could eat all of the babies, but it is possible.
  6. stickman89 Initiate Member

    Yeah I know I need more I've had them like I dunno 5/6 years and the others died over time the shrimp has been like that for months