Is This Second Hand Tank Worth It?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by frostmystique, Aug 25, 2019.

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    hey guys :)

    Just recently been looking into getting a Fluval flex (57L) and I found a second hand one with a bunch of stuff included. I would like to know everyone’s thoughts about buying tanks and equipment second hand like this, as I’ve never done it before. For example, what should I be doing if I choose to go and look at the tank? And should I be doing any specific treatment to it?

    The price they want is $450AUD however he does say he is willing to negotiate.

    This is what is included:

    In built filtration system. Including pump.

    50w Eheim heater.

    Ehiem air pump 100 with accessories .

    Juwel thermometer

    Gravel cleaner.

    Glass cleaner.

    A fish net

    Some fish food.

    Included is 6kgs of fluval stratum substrate.

    Thanks so much for your help in advance!
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    5 to 10 years
    On UK prices thats very expensive a new tank on it's own is $245 have you checked to new prices on that tank
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    So I have a whole bunch of fish tanks. Only two were purchased in a store.
    It's always a gamble when you buy used. If the tank is up and running when you go to look at it that's the best thing you can do to make sure it works. That's how one of my 75s and the 20 I have were. I have a 55, a 29 and another 75 that were dry when I bought them. I checked the seams for obvious issues, looked for cracks and looked at the thing overall to see if there was anything visible. Each tank then after purchase was set up outside full of water for a few days to do a leak check. Some people say wait a week. I'm impatient so I just did a few days. I still pray that they don't crack or give way, but you always have that concern when you keep fish.
    Just be prepared to have to reseal if needed and if the thought of that still doesn't concern you then I say go for it.
    I've had good luck. Everything I bought used worked except for one of the canister filters that came with the 75 I bought this year. It still had another filter so it was still a decent deal.

    Oh and I didn't treat my tanks besides just generally cleaning them out with a razor blade and vinegar to remove hard water stains.