Is This Platy Pregnant Question

  1. ALLIROO Member Member

    This platy I’ve had for a while now and she is either a jouvinile 936e38e5e8773b1e3d1830e84c155520.jpg male or a female based off of her fin shape... she’s developed some darkest patches of scales and a lager belly, are these signs that maybe she’s pregnant???
  2. xxforeverfrostxx Member Member

    she may be... i had a platy who was pregnant, and she had frys. it could be overfeeding, but if you're not feeding her too much, she probably is. is there a male in your tank that seems to follow her sometimes?

  3. ALLIROO Member Member

    Yes I have a male- what should I do for the fry? I have some angels and I’m sure they could be eaten... should I separate her into my place tank until sh drops?
  4. xxforeverfrostxx Member Member

    yes, the best thing to do would be to put her in a different tank. it doesn't have to be too big. also, when the frys come, you should probably put the mother back in her original tank just to make sure she won't eat them. you don't have to feed them too much, and when they're grown to the right size, you can put them in your community tank :). anymore questions? i'm enjoying answering them. they bring me back to the times of my old platy.

  5. ALLIROO Member Member

    I think that’s it... the fry can just have flake food right? It can be crushed small
  6. xxforeverfrostxx Member Member

    yep! you're right
  7. ALLIROO Member Member

    Awesome thank you very much

  8. xxforeverfrostxx Member Member

    anytime! i'm here to answer anymore questions!
  9. ALLIROO Member Member

    Just moved her and gave her some blood worms. Wish me luck with a healthy batch
  10. xxforeverfrostxx Member Member

    good! when/if the frys come, tell me!!

  11. ALLIROO Member Member

    Will do
  12. ALLIROO Member Member

    Ok, good news I found a little fry! Bad news, I don’t know how many there are because they’re so tiny and in a 36 gallon with plants and decorations. I definately counted and caught 4. Then I gave up put them back in and separated the mother. She might have eaten some- she wasn’t dropping any more when I found her
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  14. ALLIROO Member Member

    I am curious though, since both parents are red I figured the fry would all be the same colorings. Since they’re tiny they are understandably clear but some have almost all black and some are like completely clear... Will I get different colorations of platies?!
  15. xxforeverfrostxx Member Member

    aww!!!! adorable!!! congratulations!!! she might of eaten some, but don't worry. it's possible though that some are just lying on the ground and may be dead already... happened to some of my frys. also, when my platy had frys, i also noticed they weren't the same color. only one survived, and it actually came out as black and white. i know that it wasn't another fish's fry because i never had a black and white fish. it was also a platy, i could tell. it's likely that you're gonna get a different color, but don't worry about that. some may grow up to be red, and you may not even know! i will be happy to answer any more questions. best of luck to you!!
  16. ALLIROO Member Member

    Awesome thanks!
  17. xxforeverfrostxx Member Member

    of course!!
  18. ALLIROO Member Member

    So far I’ve counted for sure 6 loving swimming fry- and no predators in the tank so they should do ok. It hurts to try to spot them I have a headache lol
  19. xxforeverfrostxx Member Member

    :D awesome!! tell me if anything new happens!!
  20. ALLIROO Member Member

    Update: it’s been two weeks since I first spotted fry and they’ve grown up so I can spot them a lot easier now! I still haven’t gotten an accurate count because they’re so fast and some of them sit on the gravel , blend, and hide. I’ve noticed two distinct colorations, either all red or clear with black fins... maybe they haven’t all developed color yet- they aren’t even a cm yet. Very tiny but starting to eat better and seem more lively and starting to notice personalities to different fish. 2 are lazy and just find new places to sit around lol