Is this overstocked?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by klogue2, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. klogue2Valued MemberMember

    I went out and got my fish today! But I think I went over the limit a bit.

    1 dwarf gourami
    5 albino cory cats (fairly young too)
    10~ juvi/baby guppies
    2 adult male guppies
    2 mollies
    3 platies

    I hadn't planned to get so many baby guppies to be honest. I won't keep them all either, just the males, and if there's a lot of males, well I'll only keep a fraction of them. Quite frankly I don't know how I ended up with this many babies :;dk I think the sales person put in a few extra when I wasn't looking haha!

    I wanted to get all my fish at once though so they could all get accustomed at the same time, instead of establishing any territories they may want and then introducing more fish later. Perhaps that's an unnecessary worry though.

    So what do you guys think? Am I overstocked? I know the people at the lfs well so I'm sure they'd refund some of the fish for me if I need to. But I am quite happy with the current stock to be honest :) The guppies are very friendly! lol
  2. monkeypie102Well Known MemberMember

    What is your tank size?

  3. klogue2Valued MemberMember

    Man I'm horrible today lol, forgetting all the important stuff. 29 gallon :)

  4. monkeypie102Well Known MemberMember

    XD to me I say your good but i am horrible at deciding stockings lol... however pictures are required ;) you know the rules...

  5. guppygrlValued MemberMember

    Are the Mollys and platys male and female? They will reproduce!
  6. klogue2Valued MemberMember

    both mollys are female, however one platy is female and the other two are male. There were so many in the platy tank I think the sales person actually grabbed the wrong one, I had pointed out a different one :) I can take it back exchange the female for a male if they give me the correct one this time haha!

    I think I heard somewhere mollies and platies can cross breed? Any truth behind that? if so I may take all the females back and just get males.

    Edit: oh and I will get pictures after I finish the decorating :) it was originally so randomly placed that it looked silly. And I finally got my camera to work so I can get a picture now!
  7. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    mollies and guppies, platys and swords. Fish of the same genus can often interbreed.
  8. klogue2Valued MemberMember

    Oh I see. I will take the females back then, and keep only males!
    But other than that, the stock is ok? Or am I over, or even at my limit?
  9. guppygrlValued MemberMember

    Based on my calculations... once those juvie guppies get full size you will be. Plus if they have fry... it only gets more populated. Those young guppies may already be pregnant if they were with males.

    I would check your water parameters daily... IMO that's a lot of fish to add at one time. I like to add fish slowly so it doesn't create a big load on the BB.

    That's just my opinion... I could be off as I'm a little new at this but have learned a lot from members on this forum.
  10. klogue2Valued MemberMember

    Ah I see, I hadn't thought of how hard it would be on the water/bacteria it would be to add them all at once. My mistake! I hope it goes well.
    I don't plan to keep all the guppies though so that part shouldn't be much of a problem.
    Thank you again!
  11. guppygrlValued MemberMember

    No prob. I'll take some of your guppies! Lol

    Wishing you all the best.

    Daily water changes will help keep the levels lower.... more fish increases the ammonia... and you won't have enough nitrites to handle that. Both are harmful to the fish.

    Do you have any pics of your new fish? Would love to see them! I love guppies :)
  12. Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    1 dwarf gourami needs 20g or more, 1 corydora needs 10g, your guppies will need 10g-15g, Mollies need 20 as well, and an extra 10 per extra molly, and your platies will need 15g-20g... You are well overstocked.
  13. kb9plcWell Known MemberMember

    This is just my humble opinion, but I do think that is a lot of live bearers for your tank.
    Once those juvis grow up, you will technically be way overstocked. And then if they, in-turn, breed... you'll be in serious tank space trouble. So. If you didn't have the 10 juvis..... I'd say you'd be A-ok. But the rest of your live bearers are bound to have babies. So I think my next question here is, do you have some where else for the potential babies to go?

    Anddddd with the way you are stocked now, I would highly suggest doing water changes weekly of around 40%.... maybe even 50%. But you will have to be extra careful with matching the water temp and treating the water properly so your fish don't get shocked by the big amount of new water going in there.

    If it were me. I'd keep the gourami and the cories. And then pick ONE group of live bearers and let them.... umm....go to town. Hehehe... so to speak. :) But again, that's just me. :)

    Not sure about the cross breeding, so I can't comment on that.
  14. Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    With how overstocked the tank is I would suggest changing out a bucket of water a day, and then 50% weekly... that should insure clean conditions.
  15. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    I'm not sure I understand - are you saying to add up all the volumes?

    It's a 29 gallon tank, which is enough for the fish mentioned. It's a lot of livebearers, but as long as they are not breeding it'll be fine. As it stands, it is not overstocked IMO.
  16. kb9plcWell Known MemberMember

    I don't agree with adding up all the volumes.

    However when the juvi's grow up you will technically be overstocked.
  17. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

  18. Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    I'm not saying add up all of the volumes, but that is certainly the correct tank size for the species listed on their own and in NO WAY is a 29 gallon big enough for all of those fish. If I had that stock I'd put 'em in a 55g... but in no way is a 29 g large enough, that's just silly.
  19. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    Silly eh? I'm just here to dole out bad advice....what do I know.....
  20. Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    Not saying YOU are silly, by no means, and I mean absolutely 0 disrespect, I'm sure you have highly valuable advice to contribute to these forums. In this instance, however, I respectfully disagree with your assessment. 29g is far too small for that stock...

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