Is this normal?

  1. Lady Monster

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    [​IMG] so i rarely see my shrimp because i didnt buy a lot, my local store seriously sold out and i bought the last 9. I put 3 in my 10 gallon, the betta killed them. I put 6 in my 30 gallon and at least 1 has died, and 1 molted... I saw the skin get sucked up while i was cleaning. Im not sure if molting is good or bad, its just part of their growth right? So molting is supposed to happen?

    I got excited to see 2 shrimp at a time lol, just hanging out on the dirty cuttle bone i suctioned to the wall. But what is this brown inside the shrimp? Is it food or something else? Im new to shrimp and i googled for it but got no answers. And it doesnt look like the pregnant shrimp i saw pics of.

    Its probably just food right? But i havent seen any others with this brown inside of them tho. They are all still red and look normal to me.

    I cant say i dont feed them, because they find the crumbs that settle where the fish cant reach. My fish eat shrimp pellets, betta flakes, dried blood worms, and algae wafers (for my snails but my mollies eat everything i drop in the tank).

    Now that i typed that i feel bad about feeding shrimp to my shrimp but that is what my cories eat.
  2. Bithimala

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    Yes, it's normal. Probably the result of whatever she ate. Some are just more see-through than others.

    The molting is good too, but don't go out of your way to clean it out of the tank. It's extra calcium and such for them, and usually they'll eat it.