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Is this normal??? Convict moving gravel...

Discussion in 'Convict Cichlid' started by luvmyfishies, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. luvmyfishies New Member Member

    We have a female Convict who is moving the gravel in her aquarium. We have 3 different colors of gravel and she is systematically moving them into color coordinated piles... They are all over the tank, piles of just black gravel, then a turquoise pile, then a purple pile... It is the funniest thing to watch and quite incredible if I do say so myself! I just wondered if it was something that anyone else had ever seen... or if maybe we just have a Convict that is OCD. :)

    She is not clearing away the gravel at all, like she would be preparing to lay eggs or anything like that. She does the same thing with the colored jewels that we have in the tank. She seperates the two colors into separate piles. And if you mix the pile of jewels up again, she gets pretty upset about it. We have pictures of the separate piles, I am gonna have to get videos of this 'phenomenon' ... LOL

  2. Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

    Cichlids really like to dig. Sounds perfectly normal to me.
  3. oscarsbud Well Known Member Member

    I am going with OCD myself :D
  4. luvmyfishies New Member Member

    I was kinda thinking so, I am gonna have to set up the camara to catch her doing it. It is very entertaining.
  5. luvmyfishies New Member Member

     So, does anyone else have any ideas on the normalicy of this??? I just wanted to find out if anyone else had ever seen this kind of behavior.
    I know that they move gravel... just didn't know that they would coordinate the rocks!
  6. fishynoob Well Known Member Member

    I was talking about one of my sadly deceased fish doing something similar only today. I had one green piece of gravel in my tank that came with a plant and my goldfish would always put it on top of a little wall I had. I could bury the stone and he would dig it out and put it on the wall. If other fished moved it he would chase after them. I found it very cute he was very protective of his special stone.