Is this likely to be fish TB?

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    I've got a problem in my tank that might be fish TB, but I'm not sure- it doesn't seem to fit anything I can dig up.

    100 gallon tank, set up over a year ago. Amm nil, nitrite nil, nitrate 10 mg/l, pH 6.5. Silver dollars, congo tetras, keyhole cichlids, assorted smaller tetras/barbs, various corys and a whiptail cat.

    The corys were the last fish introduced, a couple of months back.

    The silver dollars are very elderly- 10 yrs plus. About a month ago one became very emaciated- I put it down to old age and euthanised.

    A couple of weeks ago one of the silver dollars developed a lump on its flank- smooth, stuck out by about 5mm, nearly a cm across. Sizeable lump, but not coloured in any way. The fish wasn't acting ill, so I decided to just keep an eye. A few days later one of the corys turned up dead with red streaks and missing fins.

    Another of the silver dollars started to develop the same sort of lump, and one of the congos developed a rough red patch on its side, followed shortly by another congo. So it looked like I've got a serious problem. But none of the fish still appear ill, or off their feed.

    Today, however, the large lump on the silver dollar has burst, just like an abscess, leaving a small, deep hole in its side but the swelling gone. The fish still seems unperturbed. The lump on the second silver dollar has gone down again and it looks fine. The congos still look like they have a very mild ulcer on their sides. One of the other congos now seems to have red swelling round it's mouth. Everything else looks fine. Everything is eating well, swimming normally and fins are fine.

    I have treated with Myxazin, on the basis that if they are swimming around with open sores they are going to have bacterial infections sooner or later. But I still don't quite know what's going on. I know fish TB can cause all these symptoms but I would expect the fish to be sicker.

    Any thoughts welcome.

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    Hello Lousie, sorry for not noticing this sooner. I know quite a bit about fish
    TB and would like to help. So you say your silverdollars developed lumps on
    their sides that bursted or went down to normal. At first I was thinking tumor
    until you said it burst open...most tumors dont do that. But some of your
    other fish seem to have ulcers...hmm strange they only appeared after the lumps ruptured on the silver dollars.

    It could very well be fish TB. Are any of your fish bending in funny directions like their skeletons are being changed? If not then this isnt fish TB and is just the begining stages of TB. I fear this is going to get bad in a hurry for you. There are not many treatments for Fish TB. Kanacyn or (Kanamycin) is one I hear that has been used before with some results. Do not have any open cuts when treating the tank.

    If it is Fish TB humans can contract it from the fish. So please be very careful when working on your tank. Symptoms usually take two to three weeks to appear after the contraction of the there isnt much you can do. Fish TB is a very bad disease because like most it gets worse with time. You can try the Kanacyn but I fear it might be to late for them...unless you act quickly there might be a chance....I'm sorry for being the bringer of bad news. Best of Luck and Welcome to FishLore.

    *Edit, let me add when doing tank work wear elbow high gloves most LFS carry them for saltwater tanks usually. Also dont start a siphon by mouth thats another possible way to get yourself inffected. But also not saying you WILL get the disease but it isnt impossible...just take extream caution. And in the event everything in your tank does die...bleach it out before restocking it and remove the filter material.*

    *Double Edit, apon looking into the matter more. I have come across someone claiming that 40grams of streptomycin and isoniazid can be used for treatment of Fish TB, you can give it a shot. Streptomycin is sometimes in medicated fish foods which might make it easier to treat the fish if you can find it. Heres the link if you want to read it.
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  3. LouiseHNew MemberMember

    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    No, the fish all look absolutely fine apart from the symptoms that I described. No emaciation, no curvature, no loss of colour, fins fine and all feeding well.

    The hole in the side of the silver dollar with the burst abscess-like thing is healing nicely and I suspect will have just about vanished in a day or so. The congos look no worse. The marks on their sides are starting to look more like the result of physical damage than anything else and I am beginning to wonder whether I'm just looking at coincidence here. They do bicker a lot in sunshine. None of the smaller tetras and barbs seem to have any problems at all.

    I'll take care with my hands in the water, carry on with the myxazin and see what happens I think. I'm still not really sold on fish TB as an explanation (possibly wishful thinking) and I don't want to start an aggressive treatment and risk mucking up the tank chemistry completely when there's a chance it's not necessary.

    Thanks very much for your advice. If I see any of the more classic signs I'll treat for TB but I am hoping I won't!

  4. FurallicahWell Known MemberMember

    Good luck! I hope things work out good for you and you fin kids. Also I cant remember the name of the infection but the red lines on your corys was, I belive a bacterial infection. I had this happen to a cory cats before and ended up finding out it is an infection of somekind...if I find the info on it I'll send it to you.