Is This Ich?!

  1. javis

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    So I've come back from a 3 day trip out of town to find these spots on some of my fish, including my Betta and rummny noses, but I can't get clear pictures of them, but here are my yellow rainbows. Should I start treating? If so, how? I've got them all in a 50 gallon and I do have a API Super Ick Cure bottle with me. Help is very much appreciated View attachment 447193 IMG_20180614_132031.jpg

    They're super fast, but I've tried getting some pictures of one of my rummy noses IMG_20180614_133507.jpg IMG_20180614_133627.jpg IMG_20180614_133634.jpg
  2. IHaveADogToo

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    Yes. That is ich.

    Use that super ich cure you have. Follow the directions on the package for dosage.

    Make sure you remove all carbon from your filter, because the carbon will remove meds from the water. You can put the carbon back when treatment concludes.

    Normally I would advise people to try heat and salt first, but you already have the meds on hand. There's also a strain of ich going around right now that is resistant to heat.
  3. OP

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    Thank you so much!