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Is This Ich?? Help

  1. KaitKat Valued Member Member

    If it's ich I've never seen it show up like this before. This is also the ONLY fish in the tank that has any physical disease symptoms. It wasn't showing up in the pictures but towards its head, the white does look more bumpy, which is why I think it's ich. It's also only on the one side of the fish. All water parameters are exactly where they should be, but it is their day for a water change so I'm actually going to do that as soon as I post this.

    Whatever it is, it's in my 3.5g molly fry tank. There are 7 fry- big enough to be put back in the 20g, I just don't trust my DG's since the fry are still small.. the tank is nowhere near overcrowded though

    Sorry the pics are blurry it wouldn't exactly sit still. Believe it or not, these are the best out of probably 20-30 total pics
  2. KaitKat Valued Member Member

    Heres a better picture

  3. RandomFish New Member Member

    I have a fish with something similar to that on it’s tail. I don’t know what it is...
  4. Jenoli42 Well Known Member Member

    I'm no disease expert and i'm actually trying to find out what's wrong with some of my fish. BUT! that doesn't look like ich to me. it looks more like something fungal...

  5. CraniumRex Well Known Member Member

    I can't say for sure but that looks like the saddle back of columnaris to me.

    Edited to add: I just re-read your post and you say it's only on one side - saddleback I think presents on both sides. I sure hope it isn't columnaris. Do you have a quarantine tank?
  6. Jenoli42 Well Known Member Member

    Can you tell if it's "fuzzy" or "hairy" at all? you described it as "bumpy" but the photos looks more like a fungus.

  7. Jenoli42 Well Known Member Member

    I just read all about columnaris and I thought the same thing when i saw these photos, but i didn't want to say it because that's a nasty disease! there are 4 different strains that fishlore has a great pinned thread about...Columnaris Symptoms And Treatment
  8. CraniumRex Well Known Member Member

    Agreed @Jenoli42 - it can be beaten depending on what strain you have - I'm optimistic for the OP that it's treatable.

    @BettaKat if you have a QT tank, I'd suggest you isolate the affected fish. I've done a lot of research on columnaris since I lost one of my beloved bettas to it. I had the very virulent kind that could sadly not be treated. Do not lose hope! YouTube has some great videos on treatment. Don't waste time, treat! Don't mess about with PimaFix or anything if you feel it is columnaris. And don't feel like it's your water quality. It can just be poor genetics.
  9. KaitKat Valued Member Member

    yeah actually now that you say that it does look fuzzy, almost like mold. I was trying to figure out why it didn't really look like ich but I couldn't put my finger on it! I don't have a QT tank but I can.. I have everything and can set it up rn, I just don't have the space for a permanent QT setup
  10. CraniumRex Well Known Member Member

    To the OP - I hope I can post outside links but there is a great article as well.
  11. KaitKat Valued Member Member

    just read the first paragraph of @Jenoli42 's link.. Well on the bright side my tank is clean... finishing that article now
  12. Jenoli42 Well Known Member Member

    I hope we're wrong about it being columnaris and instead it's a fungus. I'm no expert diagnosing any fish disease but i'm paranoid so i keep looking up what they look like. This video may help?
  13. KaitKat Valued Member Member

    Does anyone have experience with Kordon rapid cure? I've only ever had to use it for Ich and it is the only medicine I have right now, but it says it also works on "fungal external diseases" so I'm thinking maybe it would work?
  14. CraniumRex Well Known Member Member

    Depends on what you think the white patch is.

    Kordon Rapid Cure:

    ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Triethylene Glycol, PolyvinylpyrrolidoneK-29, and Malachite Green. WARNINGS: DO NOT USE ON: invertebrates, live rock, shrimp, snails, scaleless fish such as elephant nose and baby whales, or loaches.

    This will not work on any bacterial infection, certainly not columnaris. Seems to be for parasitic infections.

    If your fish are salt tolerant, you might be better off with aquarium salt.

    The Malachite Green should work if you think it's fungal or Saprolegnia.

    If your tank is as clean as it sounds, I really doubt it's fungal. Just my 2 cents.
  15. CanadianFishFan Well Known Member Member

    ich looks like dots so that not it. :/
  16. KaitKat Valued Member Member

    They're mollies so brackish and could tolerate it according to their species, but I've had them in freshwater since they were born so idk- plus I don't have any aquarium salt

    I'll try the Kordon tonight since it might work and I'd rather not wait to try to cure it and have a dead fish tomorrow
  17. KaitKat Valued Member Member

    UPDATE- less than 12 hours after the first dose of treatment the white part looks much less fuzzy, which I assume means, whatever it is, it's going away.
    Thanks everyone for helping!

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