Is This Ich?

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    I dropped my Galaxy off at my mom's friends house, who insisted that she had experience with bettas. Everything was going fine until I came back - the nerite snail was dead (for a couple of days, apparently) and still in the tank, ammonia level at 1ppm or 2, the filter media rinsed with tap water and everything clogged up with rottting fish food. So I've lost my cycle, my snail and basically my clean tank in general.

    And if to make things worse, I'm suspecting that my betta has ich. There's pictures below, it might be just me, or it's actually ich :/ There seems to be a white spot or two on her - I don't know if it's just from the pool filter sand that was in the container when I moved her, or ich.

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    Sorry I can't get any clearer pictures, this is with my phone. She's in a 1.5 gallon bowl for a temporary fix as I try to get the ammonia level down with water changes.
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    False alarm. Apparently the container had been shaken really badly ; the sand fell off as soon as she got in the tank, and the white spots were on the bowl's glass, not the fish.