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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Pizza, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. PizzaNew MemberMember

    Hello, i recently finished fishless cycling my first tank ever after 2 months and added 5 harlequin rasboras, 2 otos and 1 dumbo betta about a week ago. Everything seemed good for a few days but then I noticed one of my otos was covered in white dots. So after doing some research I figured it was ich and decided going with the heat treatment. I gradually rose my temp to 86-87 degrees, bought an airstone and created a waterfall effect with my hob filter. Also ive been doing PWC every other day. Its now been at this temp for about 4 days and all of the fish seem to be dealing with it fine, but ive noticed the spots havent fell off of the oto yet. I thought the ich cysts where supose to fall off within 1-2 days after raising the temp so im starting to think this might not be ich? Also non of the other fish have any spots on them either. So before these fish have to deal with 86 degree temperatures for 2 weeks id like to get some other opinions on what this could be, here are some photos, thanks.

    20 gallon, freshwater

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  2. Pastel.Fish.

    Pastel.Fish.Valued MemberMember

    To me it looks like ich, you could up the temp and add some aquarium to help get rid of the ich. If you wanted you could buy ich tabs as an alternate treatment! Hope this helps! :)
  3. OP

    PizzaNew MemberMember

    Ok hopefully it starts to go away soon than, i want to keep trying the heat method before i try something like ich tabs mostly because i hear ich medicines will dye or stain everything in my tank and i dont have a quarantine setup unfortunately. ty for the advice.
  4. Pastel.Fish.

    Pastel.Fish.Valued MemberMember

    No problem, ich meds do stain the tanks so I understand wanting to do the heat method! Hope your fish get well soon! :)
  5. ChiefBrodyValued MemberMember

    Did all the fish come from the same source? Something could be stressing them out. Are you feeding them or letting them forage on what's in the tank?
  6. OP

    PizzaNew MemberMember

    Yes i got all of them from the same lfs and they did mention they just got a new shipment of fish in so maybe thats why there is ich? Im currently feeding the rasboras and the betta, pellets and bloodworms soaked in garlic every other day. As for the otos im letting them just forage but i do plan on trying to feed them zucchini tonight. Also occasionally i add dr. Bassleer chlorella for the otos since its a sinking food but the rasboras tend to get to it first. The only other weird issue i have is one of my rasboras tends to be on his own just floating in place, but he does still eat and school with the others. Im not sure what would be stressing them out if that was the case, i did find out my tap water has about .5-1 ppm ammonia in it but Ive been checking my water parameters daily and i'm doing lots of water changes with prime. Maybe prime is reducing oxygen? I know it says to use half a dose at 86 degrees but none of them seem to be gasping for air. Im pretty new to this hobby, so never had to deal with this before Im just hoping i caught it early cause the oto is the only one with spots. And im not sure if i should try to add aquarium salts as ive heard that could hurt scaless fish and plants.
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  7. bopsalot

    bopsalotWell Known MemberMember

    It's been a long long time since I've seen ich, and I'm no expert, but I think it can take some time before you see improvement with the heat method. I've heard it can seem to get worse before it kicks in. But if it were my tank and I saw signs of it spreading and growing, I would medicate. Malachite green can stain aquarium decorations and silicone, but I'm under the impression that this typically fades after a few months. Some other ich treatments cause no staining at all.

    Ich can sometimes come out of nowhere, but usually it indicates that something is out of balance and the fish are stressed. I don't know the ideal temperature for otos, but my mind is telling me they may prefer cooler water than bettas (who like it around 80 degrees)? Not sure. The otos really need to be kept in a larger group to feel secure, I think. Being in a small tank with a betta may be stressful for these shy fish. They do require that you feed them, typically. Here's a link to the oto caresheet:
    Caresheet for otos

    People do put bettas in community aquariums, and some have success. But bettas, in general, are solitary fellows. They prefer to be alone. Make sure he has plenty of places to hide and chill out, (places of low current, too) in case he feels crowded. Otherwise, you may see signs of stress, or even aggression, which could be another source of stress for the others.

    I'd keep doing what you are doing and watch carefully. Consider getting a seperate tank for your betta to make everyone happy and prevent future problems. Maybe up the school of otos. If the ich gets worse, consider medicating. I hope this helps. Good luck!
  8. OP

    PizzaNew MemberMember

    Ok ty for all the tips and advice, i will consider medicating if i see no improvement and maybe consider adding more otos in the future, although a little nervous about having more ich issues. Ive had pretty good suceess with the betta so far he tends to keep to himself exploring the substrate or at the top of the tank, theres only been a few times where ive seen him try to get aggressive but being a dumbo hes to slow to get near the others and doesnt bother most of the time. Plus i was told by my lfs that the harlequin rasboras live with bettas in the wild. I was in the process of adding more decorations and plants to add more hiding spots and comfortability for the fish but this ich stuff caught me by surprise and kind of took my focus. Kind of sucks it had to happen with my first batch of fish after working so hard to finish cycling:/. And yes i think the otos prefer lower temps as do the other fish, really my tank is normally 78 degrees, so it does amaze me they are all still doing fine at 86-87 but from what ive read fish can tolerate these temps pretty well for awhile just not thrive in it, so hopefully theyll be fine for this 2 week treatment period.

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