is this ich...?

  1. Jon Maultsby

    Jon Maultsby Initiate Member

    hello! i've had 5 red platys to cycle my new 40 gallon planted tank (ongoing for almost 2 weeks now). the ammonia and nitrites are at 0 ppm and nitrate is at .5 ppm or so. PH is at 7.1 and temperature stays at 77.5 degrees Fahrenheit. though one of my red mouse platys has a couple white discoloration spots on his tail... he seems completely healthy; he isnt rubbing his self on driftwood or the sides of the tank, and he swims around normally like the rest of his tank mates. the discoloration is not growing at all. since it doesnt seem to be the ich parasite, does anyone have any idea what it might be? thanks!


  2. peregrine

    peregrine Member Member

    Sacramento, CA
    Welcome to the forums. The image unfortunately didn't come over. However ich is fairly easy to notice. It doesn't grow but spreads. Think of it like white chickenpox. Lots of little spots that become more. Also are the dots raised off the skin from what you can tell? Since ich is a parasite it is usually bumpy and not smooth with the scales.

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