Is this ICH?

  1. Amb3r

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    Hi All,
    We added 4 fish to our new tank exactly a week ago after cycling and testing the water. Today I noticed white spots on their fins. I'm assuming this is ICH but have never personally encountered this with previous fish so I cannot be sure. Any feedback is appreciated. I'm assuming quarantine is pointless as it appears all 4 have it. Am I correct? I'd also love to get feedback on best course of treatment. I know ICH needs immediate attention. Thanks!

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  2. skar

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    Yup... Looks like the ich. Increase airaetion and slowly bring the temp up to 88 keep it there for 2 weeks. Soak their food in garlic juice. Dice up a clove really small put in a small cup of water and micro wave for a few seconds . good luck
  3. Phishphin

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    Yup, quarantine is useless at this point. Sadly, your main tank has become your QT... :(

    Good luck!

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    I seriously doubt (especially the spots on the dwarf) this is Ich.
  6. e

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    i use waterlife anti white spot and fungus treatment (protozan). it is said to be harmless to fish, invertebrates and plants.
    i bring the temperature up to 30c over a few days then medicate as per instructions keeping the temp up for 14 days even if the white spots are gone before then.
    activated carbon should be removed too.
  7. OldeOne

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    I feel your pain. My 20 gallon long has become my QT. Ich is rough. I hope whatever it is you have is non-fatal and is easier to cure than this insane strain of that my babies have got.

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  8. M

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    Definitely looks like ICH. Be careful with turning up the heat because if the ICH has caused any secondary infections, the heat will increase the growth of the bad bacteria.

    If it were me Id dose the tank with Seachem ParaGuard. It's 1 cap per 10 gallons every 24 hours.
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    Here. Lemme tell you what I have used so you can find something else! Lol! Jungle brand meds. Blech. I got the ich cure fizzy tabs. Blue water. Angry fish. Half died from ich. Other half were just tougher and survived.

    Ich came back. Using API liquid super ick cure, as suggested by LFS. Angry fish. Blue water. Can't see ich, but again I think it must be the fish, themselves.

    I will let you know what the diagnostic shows up, tomorrow.

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    FYI, thread has had to activity in over 3 weeks. Hopefully the OP was successful in treating her fish. thanks.
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    Sorry. I am on my phone and it is hard to see the dates.

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