Is This Ich On My Betta?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Mop1972, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. Mop1972New MemberMember

    I am new to the aquarium world. I have a 10 gal cycled tank, heater, filter etc. with a betta, 1 mystery snail and 2 Amano shrimp in it. I’ve had Becky the Betta (daughter named him Becky lol) for about six weeks and noticed a spot on his head that seems to be growing. Is this ICH for all of the experts out there? If so how to treat? His behavior seems normal and he’s eating and still blowing bubbles. Water parameters are all good..had it tested and I check it myself frequently. Thanks to any advice!!

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  2. GuppyDazzleWell Known MemberMember

    I think I could see what you're talking about, but can't get a real good look at it. If I'm looking at the right thing, it doesn't look like ich. With ich it looks like someone sprinkled table salt all over your fish. There won't be just one spot, it will be all over.

    Keep an eye on it and try to get an educated guess before you start dumping in chemicals. It could be any number of things. If it gets worse post another pic.
  3. mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    Bettas are very curious little guys. They will stick their heads in all kinds of places just to check them out. Do you have anything in his home that he could have scraped his head on?

    It is hard to tell from the photo but I do know it deosn't look like any of the photos I've seen of ich.
  4. GuppyDazzleWell Known MemberMember

    Bettas do try to get into strange places. I had a betta in a community tank with an undergravel filter, and it disappeared. One day I looked under the tank and there it was under the filter, all smooshed in, but alive. It had swum down the tube against the bubbles. I tore down the tank and got it out. It was just fine. I set the tank back up. A few days later the betta disappeared again. Yup. In the undergravel filter again. They're cave-dwellers in the wild, and love exploring. I made sure the upflow tubes always had charcoal canisters on them after that.
  5. AnnaPValued MemberMember

    My Betta has exactly the same spot on his head, only slightly smaller. He’s had it for a couple of weeks now, sometimes it fades and is barely noticeable, then comes back. Also curious what it is...
  6. 75g Discus TankFishlore VIPMember

    My betta had a spot on her head too. It's just coloration.
  7. Mop1972New MemberMember

    Thank you.. Now that you mention it we do have a couple of hiding places that he could have scratched his head on. I haven’t a felt any rough edges but I will keep an eye on it thank you
  8. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    Nope, not ich. Agree it looks like a scale was rubbed or fell off. Just keep the water clean and you shouldn't have any issues :)

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