Is This How Frogbit Normally Grow?

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So basically I bought 2 baby frogbit, started at 2 leaves Im pretty sure, and I heard they're fast growers, when they got to around 4, one of the leaves would always start to decay or randomly have cut off pieces, so I cut those off, is this normal? and also, some of the new leaves would normally just grow downwards and normally be submerged, and on one of the plants, I have a submerged leaf that still looks really healthy and it's been there for a while? actually I have like 3 questions I'm so sorry hahah, but 1. is it normal for the leaves to be randomly decaying 2. is it normal for some of the leaves to grow naturally submerged 3. how long will those whole growth process take, I've had them for about a month..
p.s I fertilize with flourish comp. and I use an led light that came with this 20 gal


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No it is not normal but, I had the same issue. Not sure if they need more light or I was lacking some nutrient. I use Seachem Flourish, Iron, Potassium and Excel. They started off great. Growing large leaves and shooting off babies then they started to get yellow leaves and the roots were really long and every week I'd have to remove decaying leaves. I finally just got rid of it. I'm thinking they were not getting enough nutrients since the roots were growing so long. Maybe adding Trace or something like that would have helped??
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