Is This Heater Set Up Okay For My Fluval Spec V?


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hI there!

I recently purchased a heater which fits in the compartment of the Fluval Spec v. However I am now worried that there may be issues regarding how close it is to the tube - e.g if it is heating up to about 25 degrees C, will it burn the tube? The suction cups are already off.

The heater is an aqua one adjustable 25W.

I have seen people put heaters in like this before however I am worried about any issues. I have attached some photos of how close they are together. I would love to hear some advice on whether I should change this or from people who have had heaters in the compartment before.




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I use a heater in my fluval flex which has a similar chambering system and have it just about as close with no issues. Obviously most important thing is to make sure water doesn't get so low to where the heater elements are exposed. With the flow in this area I wouldn't say it should be an issue. If you're concerned you could always get a thinner unit but I personally wouldn't worry about it.
Edit: If you are worried you could move it to the first chamber of the "sump" where the water level should remain constant if you have blocked off the lower intakes. That way it would remain submerged unless your pump ran dry.

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