Is This Fungus?

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by Cardeater, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. CardeaterValued MemberMember

    I'm trying to figure out if I should start treating this pleco.


    I'm not sure what happened. I had posted last week about pleco trying to get behind the intake of the Aquaclear 110. He looked like he scuffed the side of his head.

    I did several water changes this week hoping he might heal any injury. I also added extra stress coat to help heal any injury.

    Now I'm wondering if he was rubbing his head bc he had some other issue. I got a new sponge filter Friday and yestetyes I saw him sucking on it and rubbing on it.

    If I do have to treat him, I don't know what to do as I'm supposed to leave for a week Tuesday night. He's in a 125g with three clown loaches. I have an extra filter that's been running that Ive been cycling to put on a 10g QT tank that I was gonna setup to QT new fish when I get back.

    If I put him in there I'm worried ammonia might get too high.

    Any advice? Thanks

    Ammonia, nitrite and nitrates we're zero when I tested Wed. Should still be zero since I just water changed yesterday and there are only 4 fish in this tank.

    Only stress was new powerheads and I rearranged the decor ten days ago.
  2. Jenoli42Well Known MemberMember

    I'm sorry's so hard to tell with those photos! I would say that it's totally just scraping against new decorations...but watch this "rubbing" behaviour you're talking about. i would try to get a video of that. that's a sign it could be more. I know you want answers now because you're meant to go away for a week, but i tend to try to wait for any treatment until i'm relatively sure of the underlying problem.

    the simplest explanation is that he scrapped himself and he's itchy as the scales or skin are growing back. pristine water is the best treatment - dont' use more stress coat, just give it a week. our fish who scrapped up against decorations were noticeably better in 1 week with pristine water and 1 dose of stress coat on the first day we noticed.

    having said that, do you have any reason to suspect it's a fungus or bacterial infection? any new critters in the tank? if not, see if he's improved once you're back?
  3. CardeaterValued MemberMember

    Thanks for the quick response. I haven't seen him doing any rubbing today. Right now, he's just resting in the back with his sucker mouth on the new sponge filter.

    I definitely think he could have rubbed against something by accident. He also was trying to fit into this fake log that the clown loaches hang out in and when he had done that in the past, he had areas on his side that looked like scrapes from trying to squeeze in.

    There have been no new additions to the tank in years, at least 6-8 years. I just added a bunch of new equipment because I regained enthusiasm for the hobby so I wanted to optimize my tank for clown loaches and get ready to add new fish.

    He seemed way more active since I added the first powerhead 10 days ago.

    The "rubbing" is what I posted about in this thread:

    Pleco Hurting Himself On Intake:current?

    I started setting up the QT tank but it might be worse to stress him out capturing him and than putting him that tiny tank when I'm not sure if it's infected. He's 11.5 inches and the QT is a 10g tank.

    It's hard to get a good look at the loaches as they always hide in the day time. I can see parts of them through the fake log and they look fine. No ich and no fungus.
  4. CardeaterValued MemberMember

    The white stuff may be gone. I keep trying to look at him. Maybe he just rubbed some slime off a sponge filter on him or something. Maybe the stress coat lined a sponge with the aloe vera and that is what I saw? Is that even possible.

    He's was hanging on the glass behind a powerhead so I could shine a light on him and examine him. He might have nicked himself as the color is lighter there but I don't see any strongly white material.

    I probably should take a break from reading after fish diseases. I start looking at pics and then get scared my fish has that disease. For example, I was in the other room and I started reading about columnaris and then I started getting worried that he could have that. I read that can happen even in clean tanks after an injury.

    I do realize I can get paranoid and I have a tendency to do this with myself as well so I guess for right now I just keep watching.

    I'm doing a water change and squeezing out the sponge filters monday to prepare for the trip.

  5. CardeaterValued MemberMember

    So of course, as I'm about to leave I think I might see a white nodule so maybe pleco has ich. I saw it before but Im not sure if he nicked himself or it's ich. The only ich I've experienced before is when it looks like someone shook a salt shaker on the fish. That was years ago.

    It could explain why fish tries to dislodge the intake pipe. He could be itchy or he could just be trying to swim in the current as the powerhead is right there.

    The good thing is there is no fungus looking growths, and nothing like what I thought I saw in the pic.

    I read on lifecycle on ich so if he does have a nodule, he shouldn't die while I'm away. I'll know for sure next week if he has ich as there will be a ton of nodules.

    Not much I can do anyway as Im not gonna dump ich med when I'm about to walk out the door for a week. I'm having someone check for dead fish just so others don't die if a fish were to die.

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