is this fully set up 46 G SW tank a deal $1,000, offered to me


46 Gallon Bowfront Glass Aquarium (2 years old)
2 x 2 Bulb 36" T5HO light fixtures with 2 actinic and 2 10,000k bulbs
1 x Protein Skimmer, 1 x Canister Filter (comes with filter materials)
1 x automatic pellet fish feeder
1 x Blue LED Night Light for night viewing
2 x timer power bars for day/night light cycle
Also includes 2x powerheads, 1x Metal Heater, Thermometer, multiple buckets, cleaning supplies, and a bucket of high quality marine salt

1 x Yellow Tang fish (1 year old)
3 x Occelaris Clownfish (2 of them are mated pair and breed every 12 days, as well as all 3 being hosted in anemones) (1.5 years old)
1 x Purple Basslet (1 year old)
1 x Lawnmower Blenny (1 year old)
2 each Hermit Crabs, Turbo Snails
1 x Pyjama Cardinal fish (2 years old)

Approximately 60 lbs of Live rock covered in aesthetically pleasing coralline algae (purple colour)
3 x Green Bubble tip anemones (hosted with Clownfish)
multiple rocks of Red Mushroom coral
1x Green Mushroom coral rock
3 x Star Polyp Corals
1 x Large Leather Coral
3 x Mushroom leather coral
1 x orange richordia mushroom coral
1 x small pulsing zenia coral
1 x Green Frogspawn Coral
1 x Green Galaxy Coral
20 lbs of white live sand bottom


Sounds high to me, but the market for used tanks maybe different in your area than mine.
I would look around and see what others are asking in your area. If that's seems to be the price than maybe there's just a higher resell market where your at then here.

Around here if it was my tank I would sell it for around 500 US dollars. If the corals were large colonies, with more expensive fish, and it had more epuipment. Like a sump system. Than I could see it going for more.

I paid 650 for my 90g with more corals and equipment. But like I said the market maybe different here.


I agree with Louie. That price does sound high, but then again it seems that prices are typically much higher in Canada than in the states. Around here, I could probably pick up a comparable setup for somewhere in the $400-600 range.


Yes a bit rich fopr me Thanks
plus difficult to move for a novice (me)
15 live coral @ $30 each = $450 (big Al prices most between 40 & 55 /each
60lbs of live rock@ $6./lb = $360 Big Al's asks 7 to 9 /lb
live sand @ $1. / lb
Tank $200
filter and skimmer $150


A 46g IMO wouldn't be that hard to move. Just have a lot of buckets.
If it's something you want than make an offer or just give him what's he's asking. It doen'st sound like a bad set up.

When I first got into salt I brought a 150 gallon and had no idea what I would doing. I'd only had fw tanks before and wan't that good at that.

I move the tank, set it up and had it going in one day, without any fish or coral loss.


Am I bitting off more then I chew?

Not sure if I am biting off more then I can chew?
I have not yet had a Freshwater tank, so jumping to salt and only 46 US Gallons,

What is the cost of an on going marine tank,
Salt, for water changes?
testing, API master kits are $100, for ?


Your electricity bill depends on what you want to keep. I fish only tank doesn't require HO lighting so you are not using as much electric. You also don't need as much flow in a fish ony so you don't need to run as many powerheads. When you start moving up to a reef then your electric bill will rise.

I can buy a box of Instant Ocean salt for $39.99 This is enough salt to make 200 gallons so you can use that figure to see hoe much it will be for you. You are onyl adding salt when doing a water change. When topping off your tank you use fresh water.

You can usually buy RO water from the LFS for about .50 a gallon.


You will have to dose certain trace elements also. IMO a 46g reef expense isn't going to be that bad.
Once the tank is move and stablized you shouldn't have to do too many water changes and dosing trace elements for a 46 won't be bad either.

Stang Man

Too ,much bucks for the bang!!!

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