Is This Fin Rot? Question

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by MisguidedSanity, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. MisguidedSanityNew MemberMember

    A couple days ago I rescued Onyx, a black betta, from Petsmart. I know that he has probably had fin rot in the past (if not currently) because his fins are all ragged, but I noticed that there are clear patches at the edge of his fins and was wondering if that is also fin rot or something else. He currently is in a 10gal by himself and his fins don’t show any redness to them. IMG_4568.JPGIMG_4567.JPGIMG_4561.JPG
  2. sleowValued MemberMember

    Hard to tell from the pictures, but if it is clear it is probably fin growth, which is a good thing!
  3. MisguidedSanityNew MemberMember

    Yeah, he doesn't sit still very often so it's really hard to get decent pictures. Doesn't help he's on dark substrate haha. So fins regrow clear, not pigmented?
  4. sleowValued MemberMember

    The new growth is clear at first and then gains pigment as the fin continues to grow. I had a betta who lost almost all of her fin from fin rot and after a lot of salt treatments and water changes, she regrew to a normal looking betta. Until the fin is back to normal, you want to see a bit of clear edging because that means it's growing! :happy:
  5. MisguidedSanityNew MemberMember

    Oh wow, glad she was able to recover so well! Thanks for all this info :)

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