Is This Fin Rot?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by AnitaA424, May 18, 2018.

  1. AnitaA424

    AnitaA424New MemberMember

    My betta has a “crinkly” edges to his fins. Even after staring at millions of google search photos of fin rot i still feel like i cant really spot it in the milder cases.

    So... are some bettas wrinkly looking or is somethin wrong with Sushi!?

    I made the horrendous mistake of getting a biorb.... but i finally tweaked the filtration enough to make it less of a ball of death. Did a full fishless cycle and agonizingly forced myself to wait until it was perfection to add any life. My bf made fun of my “pet bowl of water” for over 2 months while i made sure that mutha was fully ready.

    Anywho... short story long.... water is great... fish seems healthy and happy in every other way... just the wonky fins are buggin me. I assume even superb water conditions could still lead to fin rot... but he also seems super unstressed... just trying to figure out if hes naturally crinkly or if i need to medicate the little fella.

    Its hard to get a pic really... so the flash kinda helps see the edges but totally distorts the real color. I think youll get the idea tho.

    And unfortunately he did get that healthy tear in his tail fin the first 5 minutes he was in there. I about died... there was a fake plant he got snagged on... i yanked it immediately and cried a little. But even that place looks to be healing. It was torn from the edge right up to his body... in 2 weeks its def started to heal shut.

    So if anyone sees a legit problem id welcome any advice!
  2. Gypsy13

    Gypsy13Fishlore VIPMember

    Goodness he sounds awesome! Hubby described him to me. Sounds like the tear is healing. He doesn’t see any signs of fin rot. Are the edges of the areas in question turning brownish or black? Fuzzy looking? Hubby didn’t see any of that. But you can look at your fish. Keeping the water clean is the best thing you could possibly do. Have a heater and a liquid master test kit for the water?
  3. OP

    AnitaA424New MemberMember

    The edges are s bit dark but im pretty sure its just natural coloring. Its been that way since purchase

    Yup... heater stays at 79.... and i have API kit. Ammonia/nitrite stay at 0 and i do water changes whenever nitrate req.

    I just dont think ive seen these weird edges to a betta fin before!
  4. Gypsy13

    Gypsy13Fishlore VIPMember

    They have all kinds of edges. I’d just keep the water clean and watch him. If the edges start looking fuzzy or shredding, then you’ll need to do something. Clean water is the best thing you can do for him. He just sounds so pretty! :)
  5. AntimatterAsterism

    AntimatterAsterismNew MemberMember

    Oh wow! He's so pretty! He looks okay to me, I'd just keep an eye on him. I think those edges to his fins are more natural, and it looks and sounds like the tear that is there is healing just fine. He looks like he's in good care!
  6. OP

    AnitaA424New MemberMember

    Woo. Thanks for replies yall they arent frayed or shredded. Just wrinkly.

    Hes got super clean water... so relieved to have 2nd opinions

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