Is This Fin Rot?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Crapapples, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. CrapapplesValued MemberMember


    I wondered if me’laddo has fin rot? The clearer areas on the fins are even all over so I just can’t tell.

    His tank sadly wasn’t fully cycled so crashed and is slowly getting there and ammonia and nitrite has been kept constantly below 1.0ppm

    He’s happy enough and always busy building his bubble nests so hoping it’s just his colouring. There’s no rips or ragged edges on his fins

    Also do you think he is a plackat? His tail has grown a little since I got him

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  2. DutchAquariumWell Known MemberMember

    It's a difficult picture to diagnos, but right now i wouldn't treat for fin rot. It's look just like coloration. However, did the color change happen recently because this could indicate fin rot or that your betta has a marble gene. As for betta type, you have a delta, not a plakat.
  3. CrapapplesValued MemberMember

    Thanks so much for your reply. The colour change came about as he ha been growing, his tail was very short and I purchased him as a female originally. Thanks for confirming he’s a delta :)
  4. WendybrassNew MemberMember

    Same question and I hope my experience helps you too.

    Bo (short for Bo Jangles) was really sick. I noticed his fins were all ripped so I removed a plastic plant that I am sure was the reason for the rips, but he then developed fin rot, I think anyway, and then fell really sick. I think I may have caused it because I freaked out with his ripped fins and some brown algea in the tank. Totally cleaned his tank from top to bottom including the substrate. Prior i did weekly partial water changes. I even gave the filter media a good squeeze. He was happy and healthy with these rips until I did that deep clean. After that he refused to eat, his fins curled. He went grey, layed at the bottom and I honestly thought he was a goner. I reduced the water in his tank so he could save energy, and have been treating him in there with salt and betta revive. Its been a week since i startrd treating him and he's back to his normal self (except he's decided he only wants dry, not soaked, pellets and won't touch the blood worms which used to be his favourite thing)

    Tank is 3.5g, ammonia -0 PH 6.5, nitrites -0, nitrates 20, very soft water. However, there was ammonia a few days ago so I think I may have started a mini cycle? I also had one of those ammonia alarms, which I threw out with the clean up, and now have a kit. I'm now thinking he might have been living with ammonia for some time. I don't recommend the alarm thing. :(. I've been doing 25% water changes daily when I was treating him. Last water change was 2 days ago and parameters above I took this morning. So definitely everything is going in the right direction with him. But I am baffled by the way his fins look and how that seemed to happen so fast. Should I still be treating him? I feel just aweful that I caused all this. Poor Bo. He sure is a happy boy though - so fun.

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  5. CrapapplesValued MemberMember

    Poor Bo :( It's so sad when they are sick isn't it. This is what saddens me is that I really thought the tank was cycled but I put him in just a bit too early and caused him to have some ammonia. I have checked daily and done 50% water changes daily so it never got too high but even so, even a small amount of ammonia or nitrite in the water worries me.

    PS: My cat is called Bo :)
  6. WendybrassNew MemberMember

    It's a cute name:).

    So, update. Bo was back to his old self. Fins edges already looked better. I do think it was the plastic plant and the shock of the large clean that caused that decline. He was sheepish right from the get go, not aggressive at all, so I always was very careful with water changes to not stress him. Anyway, he was back to being Bo, jumping for his food, happy funny guy. I did a partial change and light vacuum. Tested his water. Everything perfect. He was really upset shortly after the change, stayed at the bottom of the tank. Found him dead this morning. I am stumped. He was either super stressed or it's because I changed the water conditioner from Nutrafin to Aqueon Betta plus. No idea. Ugh.