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Is This Fin Rot, And How Do I Stop It?

  1. CrazyScienceTeacher Valued Member Member

    I’ve noticed Shippo’s fins looking a little tattered. I’m not sure what could be causing this. His only tank mates are bladder snails that two assassin snails are eating. The only objects in the tank are elodea, Marimo moss balls, a betta hammock he hides under, and mopani driftwood. I’m including pictures from my in date API master kit as well, so you can see the water parameters. There should be pictures of his fins and tank decorations too. It’s to the point I’m not sure if his anal fin has split or if he’s a double tail.

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  2. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    It looks like it is. I would start off with daily water changes.
  3. Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    That's odd. Are you actually testing the tank water or your tap water?
    With no ammonia or nitrite, you should be having 20+ Nitrates.....
  4. Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    I mean if its showing 5ppm nitrates then i guess that's perfect water, i don't know what to add other than betas in nature don't have such large flowing fins, and there is little blood supply to them, so they can sort of decay. Its pretty normal and not really a specific pathogen, just the result of larger-than nature intended fins.
  5. CrazyScienceTeacher Valued Member Member

    I typically do weekly changes, but I can increase the number.
  6. CrazyScienceTeacher Valued Member Member

    That’s his tank water. I change the water weekly and do a substrate vacuum. I was confused too when I saw the parameters. I know poor water quality is typically the cause of fin rot.
  7. Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    No i mean like it should be higher than 5ppm.....
    Your water quality is absolutely perfect.
    Its just nature, beta fish don't have such large fins, there is not enough blood supply

    I was shocked to see nitrates at 5ppm, that's like what you would find in water out of the tap.
    Absolutely perfect water!
  8. CrazyScienceTeacher Valued Member Member

    I was fairly confused because of the parameters being so good. I just didn’t want to risk blowing it off as nothing major.
  9. Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    If i had a nickel for every time ppl post about beta finrot i would be a millionaire. Its just the way they are. If your really concerned you could give the fish a methylene blue bath and turn up the heat (higher metabolism, higher blood supply, more oxygen rich blood to the tail.)
    I'm sure your familiar with what M blue is being a science teacher.
  10. CrazyScienceTeacher Valued Member Member

    Oh yes, especially to stain slides. I probably won’t do a bath unless his behavior changes. I’m too afraid of running the risk of doing more damage to his fins by trying to net him. Thank you so much. I appreciate your help. Looks like I’m just overreacting a bit lol.