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Hey everyone,

I posted a little while ago asking if my lighting (LED 1.5 W from a 10 G starter kit) was powerful enough for the couple plants in my 10 G tank. I have a couple Anubias, Java Ferns and 1 Amazon sword.

As I kind of suspected... it was not enough haha. Someone mentioned that it might keep them alive, but definitely will not be enough to make them grow and thrive.

My situation is - I needed to add lighting that doesn’t require me to remove the hood - I have a cat that’s very interesting in my fish, and I don’t want him to mess them up. So I decided to go with lighting fixtures with suction cups, that I simply attached to the hood (photo).

Each bar is LED 3 W. So x 2 = 6 + 1.5 (original fixture) = 7.5 W LED

Now, would this be enough to not only keep my plants alive but also have them grow a little bit?

On the FAQ of the product, some people are saying that it’s making their plants (Java Ferns and Anubias) grow.

Link to the product itself (Mingdak LED Aquarium Light Kit for Fish Tank,underwater Submersible Crystal Glass Lights Suitable for Saltwater and Freshwater,30 Leds,11-inch,lighting Color White )

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