Is this enough cover for the guppy fry to survive?


Hi! Is this enough cover for the guppy fry to survive? I really want to avoid using breeding box as much as possible.

Thank you!


Hi Viannah,
At the moment there is nothing in the top half.

Thats a pretty tank but at the moment it’s not what I call a “ working tank”. When it comes to breeding a pretty tank is not needed. That will work for some guppy fry .
Adding floating plants and bunches of moss or mid water floating plants will give more fry a chance.
Adding plastic takeaway food containers, drinking straws and clean plastic , china, glass and terracotta are not to everyones taste.
A messy tank that I had a while ago.

The floating scraps of plant material are a little excessive I admit.


Love the tank! Especially the "no fishing" sign . Make sure you fry-proof your filter intake so it doesn't suck up any fry. Personally, I'd say you'd be fine with this amount of cover. Keep in mind that's just my personal opinion. I have a guppy community tank with a LOT more guppies and a lot fewer hiding spots and they do fine. Good luck!

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