Is This Dropsy?

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    I have a betta in my 10 gallon - who is by himself. It did have white clouds in it but I moved them to my 36. But, I noticed that his scales SEEM to be doing what dropsy looks like. Does anyone have any ideas if it's dropsy or if his scales are playing tricks on me? I'm a little paranoid because I've lost 2 bettas to Dropsy in this very tank. What seemed to be symptoms started happening at around the time when I added the white clouds. Before that, he was active and swimming around the tank. Now he hides a lot which I know is NOT like a betta. [​IMG]
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    Can you get a picture from above him? Its easier to see raised scales from that angle
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    Looks like it may be just the scale pattern. We need pics from above to see if he is pineconing.
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  5. smaurer3076 Member Member

    From that picture I think I answered my own question... :(
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    Im sorry but yeah, dropsy right there. Dropsy is just the symptom, there can be many causes for it. You could try medicated flakes (the meds would be antibiotics) and epsom salts but he may not make it, specially if the cause isnt bacterial.
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    I did a massive water change about an hour ago and I dosed with Kanaplex and Furan-2. I know that people usually don't dose with medicine first but I panicked...
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    I got a huge amount of help from @Discusluv she gave me so much helpful information and steps to take to treat my goldfish which did in fact have dropsy and at the pine cone stage.

    basically what I did was first bring up the temp slowly to 80f , I then added Epsom salt using 1/8 teaspoon for every 5 gallons of water , I bought two medications that play a very important role with dropsy seachem kanaplex and metro+ by hikiri but seachem also sells metroplex. I made medicated food with the metro+ which I fed everyday morning and night, I did a 50% water change every 48 hours then I would dose kanaplex every 48 hours according to instructions on bottle after the water change, also adding back Epsom salt for the amount of gallons removed.

    My goldfish was a 0 on 10 , not swimming , wasn't eating , hiding , really swollen and had pine cone effect he has been in treatment for 8 days as of today and it's night and day , he eats like a little big again , he is active , no more pine cone effect , swelling has gone down tremendously , no more laying down. I am no longer dosing kanaplex just feeding metro+ and Epsom salt for a few more days to see how things go.

    if some of my instruction were not clear just tell me I'll try and explain better.

    I wish you good luck , stay positive in some cases dropsy can be curable hopefully it is a bacterial problem and nothing more.

    I could have given up on my little guy , but couldnt and gave him a fighting chance and he is much much better now!!
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    I could be wrong, my eyes are pretty bad but it looks to me like the scales are only raised around the belly, not through his entire body? So maybe the cause is swelling of the stomach and not actual fluid retention caused by organ failure? That could be a good sign if I'm seeing correctly. He's really beautiful, I hope you can do something to help him - though don't feel bad if you can't, as dropsy isn't generally something fish come back from. Jesse's story is pretty amazing though, and definitely worth a try.

    What are the water parameters? Temperature? What do you feed, how much and how often? You'll need to figure out the cause if you want to stop losing bettas.
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    Day 1:

    Day 8:
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    Thank you guys for the help! But I don't know if I can afford to treat him... I only had this stuff because it was left over from a columnaris outbreak that whiped out my betta sorority. I feel like I am failing him for this but I don't have enough funds to buy gas AND his medicine. I'm extremely low. But I have a full tube of Kanaplex. I do have epsom salts but I have no idea how to make the "baths".
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    Well if you've got money for meds you could maybe order online? That's usually what I have to do. @JesseMoreira06 do you think kanaplex and epsom without the metro would work? I think if you can't afford the metro you may as well try it, because he'll die anyway if you don't.

    Jesse that's pretty nuts. I've only heard a couple dropsy stories with happy endings. Good on you for putting in the effort.
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    I do think kanaplex and Epsom can help him , with dropsy theirs never a guarantee but why give up without trying right? atleast you know you gave your betta a fighting chance. you can do 1/8 teaspoon for every 5g of water of EPSOM salt, and do 50% water changes every 48 hours and then dose kanaplex and re add Epsom salt for the amount of gallons removed. It's worth a shot , btw metro+ by hikari is not to expensive 8$ for a bottle depending on what's the budget but none the less I would try with the kanaplex and Epsom salt.
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    He diffinetly is a fighter , I guess it wasn't his time. I'm glad he made it through and I gave him that chance. soon enough he'll be back with his buddies.
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    UPDATE: His scales have gone down and he's eating! I had Kanaplex on hand luckily and I was dosing with that then doing 25% w/c 24hrs after. I am so relieved! He still sits on the bottom but he definitely moves around a LOT more!
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    ALSO his tank got a bit of a remodel with a new cave made of a conch shell (boiled before put in)
  18. smaurer3076 Member Member


    ALSO his tank got a bit of a remodel with a new cave made of a conch shell (boiled before put in)
  19. smaurer3076 Member Member


    ALSO his tank got a bit of a remodel with a new cave made of a conch shell (boiled before put in)
  20. MissRuthless Well Known Member Member

    Yay so glad to hear some good news!! How is he now? I love his tank setup by the way, I'm becoming obsessed with the minimal, black sand, driftwood, plants and no tacky resin decor look... great idea with the conch shell too! I have a huge old conch that belonged to my father, might have to clean it up and turn it into fish tank decor...