Is This An Anubias? If So Do You Know What Variety?

  1. BrettMad

    BrettMad New Member Member

    Hoping I get some verification on this one.

    You can see my post in the beginner's forum, but the short version is that I paid to have some assistance setting up a tank, and I am trying to learn more about what I have. Several types of plants are not identified specifically and others I am sure are on my invoice but I do not know which is which. I have no fear that I have been cheated, in fact, I know that she actually added a few extra plants more than I was charged for, but I do need some help identifying which is what! I am making a couple different threads with each separate unidentified or partially identified plant, so if it looks like you have read this message in a different post, you probably have read at least this paragraph!

    I think these two above are the Anubais listed on my invoice, but the variety and exact species are not actually listed. The closest I could find when looking up photos online were anubias barteri var. angustifolia or anubias barteri var. barteri but I do not know if either of those are correct. Any ideas?
  2. Piaelliott

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    Those are Anubias, I don't know what kind. Please pull them out a little bit so that the rhizome is exposed. They will die otherwise.
    Considering that you paid for the service, I would expect those people to be knowledgeable. It seems as if you would get better help here.
    Also, since you pay for the service, ask for plant ID, you need to know what you have to be able to take care of your plants.

    I wouldn't trust them with stocking the tank with fish. You can ask here or learn about different fishes and requirements online. It is actually fun :)
  3. OP

    BrettMad New Member Member

    I am sure she has the exact kind in her records, I have a simplified invoice versus a really detailed one, so it does not list all of the exact varieties and species. I will not see her for another 10 to 14 days when they come back for the next checkup on the tank, so I thought I would ask here to see if I could get information a little more quickly

    The picture here is pretty straight on and there is a little bit of the substrate mounded in front of the base of the plants. After reading your post I went back and looked from above and I can see that in all cases the rhizome is exposed, it basically seems to rest along the very top of the substrate with the roots down in the substrate.

    The tank is already stocked, at least the first wave. I have a post in the beginner section that goes into a lot more detail about where I am in the set up.

    I am not paying for ongoing service, just help getting this massive tank set up so that I did not start off with a disaster! I also did not find this forum until recently. I want to learn as much as I can so that I can care for the tank and develop it from this point on my own. I certainly appreciate all the help and advice that I am getting here!