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Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by flyin-lowe, Mar 17, 2010.

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    I stopped by a petsmart today and they had some "misc. annubias marked down" The picture on the tag looked like this plant. It was cheap so I got it as I am starting to plant my tank. The reason I ask is that my other annubias have more of a horizontal rhizome and the roots on this looked more like a sword. I have it planted in the substrate right now because I didn't really see a rhizome so to speak. Do all annubia have the horizontal rhizome or not. Thaks for the help.

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  2. pepetj

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    It certainly looks like afzelii variety (look for annubias barteri var afzelii to confirm your findings).

    Seems like a young specimen. I have some of them. You shouldn't burrow the main rhyzome since it requires water circulation or the plant will die.

    Santo Domingo
  3. Nutter

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    Could be any number of Anubius or Swords really. I can think of at least four of each that look the same or very similar. Personally I'm leaning further towards it being a Sword of some kind but without close up detail I could never be sure.

    Not all Anubius have a horizontal rhizome. Many of them have root systems & developing growth much the same as a sword plant.
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    Thanks for the input. I did another water change today and added some more plants. I pulled this one out and took a picture of the roots, I don't know if it will help or not. When I planted it back into the substrate I did not plant it near as deep, basically I just covered the roots up and left the "ball" you see pictured above the substrate.

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  5. Nutter

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    That helps!! The roots definitley look like an Anubius. Could still be one of half a dozen different varieties but they all have much the same care so being precise isn't really important.

    Use a sharp pair of scissors to remove those brown roots. They are dead/dying & will only drain energy from the plant as well as contribute to wastes in the tank. Also trim any brown patches off the leaves. Those brown patches will never recover & will just spread, even if the plant is healthy.
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    Hoped I could bump in here with a question. Hope you don't mine flyin-lowe!

    I have what seems to be the same Anubias-type. I was just sold it as an 'Anubias' for just about two dollars. However it doesn't have a lot of roots. How should I plant it? I was tying it to a rock, but it always comes untied in a day or two, maybe because my betta likes to hide in it? I really like it, but the darn thing won't stay down!! I don't have any driftwood, so that's out of the question, btw.
  7. Nutter

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    You could either leave the plant free floating until enough roots develop for you to plant it or you can loop packing string around the individual stalks & then gently tie it down. You need to be gentle tying it down that way as there is a good chance of splitting right through the plant if you pull down too tight. Make sure you use thick string to. Fishing line will cut into the plant too easily. Personally I'd just leave it floating until there's enough roots on it to plant in the substrate if that's where you want it to be.